Windows Phone Next Big Update to Support Snapdragon 800 &1080P, More Improvements Announced

Finally, some movement in Windows Phone Dev centre at Microsoft and some big-big news is on the way. Windows Phone Blog has just shared details of the third update which according to them will come in few months.  Here are the details :

Major Enhancements

  • 1080p Support: This is not new as we been hearing this rumor since Nokia’s devices like 1520 and 2520 leaked. with this, you will have more space on your screen with room for 6 live tiles which is set to 4 now. This creates enough room on a 6 inch screens.
  • Snapdragon 800 Quad Core: This processor has already proved itself for longer battery life and better performance. Good to see Microsoft finally changing their approach of picking up latest hardware.
  • Driving Mode:  This mode will make sure that you receive calls and SMS from only numbers which are important while you are driving. Automatic reply supported.
  • Accessibility features: Suite of apps to make it easier for you or anybody who needs a bit of help. This includes screen reader for managing calls, emails, Skype, notifications and so on.
  • Improved Internet Sharing: You will be able to share Internet from your mobile to Windows 8.1 or tablet over Bluetooth.

Windows Phone GDR3

Other Small Improvements:

  • Set ringtones for messages, emails, voicemail and reminders.
  • Screen Rotation Lock : Finally!!
  • Better storage management to help you figure out what is taking space.
  • Close Apps using the App Switcher AKA the back key.
  • WiFi Setup possible during Initial setup of the phone.
  • More options for Bluetooth accessories.

No complains here but it seems that the notification centre wont make it unless the Blue Update comes to Windows wherein there will be some major sharing between Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Lets hope the updates are coming ASAP and its coming to all devices.

Video Walk through:

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Developer Preview Program

That said, Microsoft is also opening up their Windows Phone Preview for Developers to get early access to new OS update and test their apps accordingly.  To download Windows Phone 8 Update 3, you need to meet one of three conditions: your phone is “developer-unlocked,” you’re a registered Windows Phone Store developer, or you’re a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer.

This means you can have the GDR3 update like right now but then you will lose your phone warranty if any. So make sure what you are doing. More at Windows Phone Blog