FidMe updates brings Notification Center, Wallet Support and RealTime Lolyalty Points check

FidMe is one of the most popular service which allow you to manage, track and store all your loyalty cards. The biggest advantage was that you never lose to collect the points because it’s always on your phone. We have a detailed review here

In its recent update for Windows Phone, the app brings in the following features.

Real time Points tracking : Now its possible to connect with your loyalty program and view your remaining points and vouchers in real-time. No more waiting for the update.

Wallet: It’s now compatible with wallet which means anytime you use a voucher, it will be processed through it. If you have security enabled, it will respect it.

Fidme Notification in WP8

Notification Management Centre: All notifications are not centralized into this centre. You have option to get push notifications for Coupons, Deals around your location.

Apart from these, the support for Loyalty Card Services is not extended to 3000 along with option to create free buffer card in 11 languages. This is for Shops and franchises.

Video Demo: How to add Fidme App to Windows Phone 8 Wallet

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Download :

The application is free and without any advertisement as of now. So, if you heavily use loyalty cards, grab it now.

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