File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1—Aerize Explorer

One of the main complaints with Windows Phone has been the lack of a proper file manager on the device. With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has made quite a lot of changes with respect to features and also the core OS. Although there is still no default file manager on Windows Phone 8.1, here is an awesome free file manager, called Aerize Explorer.

With an advanced and intuitive file browser interface, Aerize Explorer can quickly and easily manage all of your files, folders, and storage cards with ease.It also comes with features like cut, copy and paste options.


When you first open the app, you need to tap and enter new volumes. If you are using a phone without SD card support, you have the options to add Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, Downloads and Ringtones as drives. If you have SD card support, you can add it as well. You can also move a folder by simply tapping and holding and then clicking the Cut icon. Once done, navigate to the destination and tap Paste.

Tip: Office files which you download from emails, don’t show up in document folders. You will have to move them to phone to make it appear in the storage section.

Aerize Explorer is the first file manager for Windows Phone that can read and write files and folders to storage cards and the device file system. Explore files and folders on your device or removable media card, search for video files, pictures files and music files.

Video Demo:

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Best Features of the app:

  • Move files and folders between your device and media card
  • Share files with NFC, Bluetooth, Email, and much more
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Rename files or folders
  • View file and folder properties

If you download a file with an unknown extension, the file manager can search for the Windows Phone store for the appropriate tool and you can download it from there. The app also comes with sharing options via NFC or the normal sharing options via apps and emails.

Overall, this is one of the must have apps on Windows Phone 8.1 and above all, it is completely free of cost.

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.


  1. It doesn’t perform basic operations of cut copy paste. Perhaps it requires an in app purchase for that. but the developer hasn’t mentioned it. But there is an option of in app purchase in app. so no free file manager at all.

  2. Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for pointing this. An in-App purchase in about section is really odd. We have pinged the dev about it. Also there are some issue with copy paste. It worked for me once but its not working now.

    We will keep you posted.


  3. Checked with the developer, they say all features are free and none of them is locked. They also mentioned that they are fixing bugs and crashes, so expect updates coming in.

  4. Not available worldwide. I am in Singapore and it is not in store, no result for search. It is available in India store.

  5. I tried the Pro version of Aerize File Explorer. It is horrible. It’s too slow and laggy, the UI is ugly and the app itself is not user-friendly. My Rs. 189/- went down the drain buying this app after reading this positive review.

    Briefcase is far better, it’s fast and easy to use. Plus it allows one to manage the OneDrive files and folders.


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