Fitbit App for Windows Phone Coming Soon; Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0

All the Windows Phone users have waited long for low energy Bluetooth Profile aka Bluetooth 4.0 profile to get enabled so we can connect to smartbands, watches and so on.

Fitbit App Coming Soon

One of the most commonly used fitness tracking band, the Fitbit Flex and other products will soon be able to connect and track data with the Official App on Windows Phone. Yes, you read it right. Fitbit has confirmed that the official Windows Phone app is in development in their community forum.

Official Windows Phone App

Status: Under Review  | By DriesDeSchepper on ‎12-12-2013 13:50

Release an app for the Windows Phone platform.

Status: Under Review

Fitbit is developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1. Thank you for all your feedback and support!

While we don’t know anything further in this matter but its good to know that another official app will see light of the day in the ecosystem. I expect the app to have very same functionality which I have seen on their Android app.

Those are eager I want to share one more thing. I am able to see Flex in my Bluetooth device list when I search from my Lumia 630. Lumia 630 has the profile already enabled but it will work only when you get the official app.

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