Fitbit gets into Female Health Tracking, Family Features & Kids with Versa and Ace

Fitbit today has launched two new trackers. Fitbit Versa & Fitbit Ace. While Fitbit Versa looks like Peeble version of Fitbit and honestly looks much better than any of their trackers, Fitbit Ace is built for kids. Here is the highlight of both the devices:

Fitbit Versa: 

Except for a dedicated GPS, and bigger display, this watch offers almost everything Fitbit Ionic has to offer. It includes:

  • Personalized fitness guidance, enhanced 24/7 PurePulse® heart rate tracking, on-screen personal workouts from Fitbit Coach,  15+ Exercise Modes, Connected GPS, swim tracking with water resistance up to 50 meters, plus automatic activity and exercise tracking.
  •  Sleep Stages with detailed Insights, Cardio Fitness Level to see how to fit you are; move more throughout the day with Reminders to Move.
  • Clock Faces, NFC, and Apps as well.
  • A relative SpO2 sensor opens the potential to track important health indicators in the future, such as sleep apnea.
  • Battery lasts for 5 days.
  • In India, it is priced for Rs 19,999, and will be available from May 2018.

Fitbit Ace:

Recommended for Kids of age 8+, it offers all the basic features that will make sure the kids keep moving around, and not stuck with tablets, and phones.  If you have seen Fitbit Aria, it looks very much similar to that.

  • Tacks steps, active minutes and sleep and shows stats on a bright, easy-to-read display.
  • Kids receive celebration messages when they hit their daily goals and collect virtual badges when they reach big milestones.
  • Reminders to Move.
  • Ace motivates kids to reach the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended by the CDC.
  • Showerproof as it can survive splashes and spills
  • Battery life up to 5 days.
  • 10 fun clock faces choosing from.
  • Adjustable band size

That said, there is nothing new about both the trackers and while fall in line with Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Aria. What is new is the improved version of Fitbit OS, and the number of features the company has introduced. Its probably first time, the company is offering features specifically for Females, and Kids.

Fitbit OS 2.0 offers their smart analytical tool to log periods and gauge ovulation which in future can predict the next cycle, and can act as a data point when you visit your doctor. The second feature is about Family. If you have family members who are also using Fitbit tracker, you can add them, and see progress together. This is where Fitbit Ace comes in which is dedicated to kids. It is water resistant to an extent, and let kids see their stats on their parent’s phone. Read more about all these features here in much detail.

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