Fitbit Tracks in it’s App for Windows Phone

Here is another app we all waited for too long. The Official FItbit app has been rolled out  and available for Windows Phone running 8.1, as the Bluetooth 4.0 support is available on these phones only. In case you are running developers preview, it will work as well. I have tried to connected the Fitbit and it worked, just that there was no app to do anything further.

Fitbit App for Windows Phone

One thing that we really liked about that app that its not a port of Android or iOS. The app has been designed natively for Windows Phone and delvers a good experience. Using this app you wll be able to :

  • Real time Stats as the data will sync over Bluetooth all the time.
  • Live Tile support which tells you how close you are to your goal by displaying the step count.
  • View all your past record to stay motivated and not fall short of it.
  • You can also enter your Water and food consumption if you wish to.
  • As you get closer to goal, the app will start pushing your further with motivational notification

Fitbit App Details Windows Phone


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Thanks Amit Nahar & WearablesArena for the heads up