Fitbit’s Windows 10 App now Lets you Create Playlist for Fitbit Ionic

In its recent update of Fitbit App, the company has finally rolled out Support for Fitbit Ionic for its Windows 10 App for both PC and Mobile. This will let you transfer music from your PC to Ionic so you can listen to the songs without using the phone.  The update also includes performance improvement which is probably still needed for its app on the Android platform as well.

Below is the changelog:

  • You can now create playlists to download to Fitbit Ionic using the new drag-and-drop feature in the Windows 10 desktop app. First, create a playlist, then drag and drop the songs you want to include. For more information, see How do I listen to music and podcasts on my Fitbit watch?
  • You can no longer change a playlist while music is transferring.
  • We fixed a problem where some customers couldn’t confirm their Strava account on Ionic.
  • We fixed some bugs and made stability improvements.

You will need to have your Fitbit Ionic connected over Bluetooth using the adapter that came along with your Fitbit Ionic. The option to create the playlist was already available with its App on Mac around the time device was announced.



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