How to Fix The Live Lock Screen "Resuming Bug"

The hyped Live Lock Screen for Windows Phone seems to have left enough bug, that even made the normal lock screen “Kept Resuming” after uninstallation. However, there is a solution, thanks to the awesome WPC Forum members.

Note: In case you have it installed, its not necessary to uninstall the app to fix the bug.

When we did our hands on with the Live Lock Screen, we said that its not like the Normal Lock App which uses the Windows Phone lock setting but rather it was overriding the existing one. So, when uninstallation did not help the lagging go away, the ghost was still there and hence the only option to was to reconfigure the lock screen with any other app that can change it.


Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Lock Screen
  • Change the background app to anything like Bing, Weather or Facebook.
  • This can completely override the any left over settings

When you do that, you will get a message pop-up, asking you to “Turn off Live Lock Screen”. Choose to turn off and once complete, the lags and resuming bugs will be fixed.

Via WPC Forums