Fix: Microsoft Teams Not Opening

Microsoft Teams is a dependable business collaboration application for Windows. In some instances, Microsoft Teams occasionally may not function as intended, just like any other application. A prime example is when Microsoft Teams won’t open on your Windows PC. In this post, we will share how you can fix the situation where Microsoft Team not opening.

Why Won’t Microsoft Teams Open?

Microsoft Teams may not load on Windows for several reasons. Your GPU drivers might cause the issue, the software may have a bug, or Windows itself may be damaged. The software will usually operate after being repaired or reinstalled, but you might also need to attempt some other troubleshooting techniques.

Fix: Microsoft Teams Not Opening

Given below are three methods that will fix the issue of not being able to open Microsoft Teams:

  1. Restart or Relaunch Microsoft Teams App
  2. Clear Microsoft Teams Cache
  3. Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Teams App

Always restart the PC once you have performed one of these solutions for the effect to take place.

1] Restart or Relaunch Microsoft Teams App

The Teams app may not be able to launch its graphical interface on Windows due to temporary errors. Restarting the app should fix the problem if it is a minor issue. Ensure Microsoft Teams App is open before proceeding.

  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager.
  • Click on the Process tab and locate Microsoft Teams. Right-click on it and click on the End task option from the context menu.

End Microsoft Teams from the Task Manager

  • After that, try opening Microsoft Teams app.

2] Clear Microsoft Teams Cache

Microsoft Teams gathers cache information on your PC like any other app to increase performance. Unfortunately, it happens frequently that this data gets corrupted over time. If this occurs, Microsoft Teams may not install correctly on your PC. The good news is that deleting Microsoft Teams cache data on Windows is quick and secure.

Delete Microsoft Teams Cache

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Copy and paste the following path into the text field and click OK.
  • Press the Ctrl + A keys to select all the contents in the folder and click Delete.
  • After you are done, close File Explorer, restart your PC, and check whether Microsoft Teams opens without any issues.

3] Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Teams App

The Microsoft Teams app can be fixed using Windows’ built-in repair tool. Windows will try to fix the app without erasing any data when you repair it (such as your login details or settings). But, a reset will remove all of the app’s data. In most cases, trying a repair first, then a reset, is preferable.

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Repair or Reset Microsoft Teams

Try these procedures to repair and reset the Microsoft Teams app:

  • Open Settings, click on Apps from the left pane, and click on the Apps & features option on the right.Choose Apps & Features From Windows Settings
  • Search for Microsoft Teams in the App list field, click the three-dot menu next to it, and select Advanced options.Select Microsoft Teams Advanced Options
  • Scroll down to the Reset section, click the Repair button, and check whether the Teams app will open afterward. If not, click the Reset button, wait for the procedure to finish, and check whether Teams will open.Repair Microsoft Teams

Done that, check if Microsoft Teams Not Opening issue has been resolved.

Reinstall Microsoft Teams

You can reinstall Microsoft Teams if a repair or reset does not resolve the issue with the application not loading on Windows. Reinstalling the application can address problems brought on by file corruption and other unidentified issues. This is how you reinstall Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Settings > Apps > Apps & features and search for Microsoft Teams via the Apps list.
  • Click on the three-dots menu next to the Teams app and click on the Uninstall option from the context menu. When the verification screen appears, select Uninstall.

Uninsatll Microsoft Teams From Settings

Choose your Windows version, then carry on with the application installation. The app should launch after installation, allowing you to log in and use it on your PC.


When Microsoft Teams on your Windows PC refuses to launch or continues crashing, it might be annoying. I hope one of the solutions we provided was helpful, and you can now utilize the Teams app as usual. Relaunching, repairing, clearing the caches, or reinstalling the Teams application should help you fix the issue.

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