Fix: Printer Error Operation Could Not Be Completed (0x00000709)

While using a network connected printer on Windows, sometimes you get to see the Operation could not be completed (0x00000709) printer error. The error occurs because Windows is not being able to add the network printer.

However, getting rid of the problem isn’t that complicated. There are a few quick methods that you can try out.

Printer Error Operation Could Not Be Completed 0x00000709

Fix: Printer Error Operation could not be completed (0x00000709)

The 0x00000709 printer error mainly occurs because of the wrong network connection setup, and there are multiple ways to fix it. Some of the methods are:

  1. Check Firewall Rules on the PC that shares the printer
  2. Check Shared Printer Settings
  3. Check Host & Client PC are on the same Network
  4. Run Network Troubleshooter on both PC
  5. Run Printer Troubleshooting
  6. Assign Shared Printer a fixed IP

Now let’s talk about these methods one by one below:

1] Check Firewall Rules on the PC That Shares the Printer

First, check firewall rules on a PC that shares a printer. Make sure that the firewall is not blocking the connection.

To check this, go through these steps:

  • Go to Windows search, type Firewall & network protection, and launch it.
  • Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Inbound Rules from the sidebar.
  • Search for File and Printer Sharing (NB-Session-In) and File and Printer Sharing (SMB-In). You need to check both the Inbound and Outbound rules. File Printer Sharing Firewal Rule
  • Double-click on both rules, and make sure the rule is enabled.

2] Check Shared Printer Settings

You should also check your shared printer settings. Going through the settings all over again will ensure no error in the setup.

To check it, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Windows Settings.
  • Navigate to Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners.
  • Click on your printer > Printer properties.Share Printer Windows
  • Go to Sharing tab and check through the settings to ensure that printer sharing is enabled.

3] Check Host & Client PC Are on the Same Network

Make sure that your host and client PC is on the same network. If it’s not on the same network, you will face connection issues leading to the 0x00000709 error.

If using an Ethernet connection, ensure both PCs are connected to the same network or router. In case of a wireless connection, ensure it is connected to the same wifi.

4] Run Network Troubleshooter on Both Pcs

You can also try running Network troubleshooter on both PCs to see if it finds anything. To run the troubleshooter, follow the below steps:

  • Open Windows Settings (Win + I)
  • Navigate to System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters
  • Click on the Run button next to Network Adaptor

  • Check if the printer is available and working

5] Run Printer Troubleshooting

  • Open Run prompt using Win + R
  • Type msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic and press Enter.
  • From the Printer Troubleshooter Window, Click on Next.
  • Select your Printer model, and then click on the Next button.

  • Let Windows run the troubleshooter program and see if it finds anything or fixes the issue automatically.

5] Assign Shared Printer a fixed IP

You can also set a static IP to your printer. So Windows will not change the IP and force both PCs to use the same IP address.

If your Printer has a Web Interface

  • Ensure that both PCs are connected to the same network.
  • Launch a browser, type the printer’s current IP address into the web browser’s address bar, and press Enter.
  • Next, enter the printer’s credentials,
  • Now locate and click on the IP Configuration option from the printer’s setting page.
  • Over here, look for the TCP/IP or IP Address Configuration segment and moderate the option from Auto To Static or Manual.
  • In the fields, enter the static IP address you wish to assign to your PC.
  • Finally, click on Save and Apply to save the settings.

If your Printer doesn’t have a web Interface

  • Go to Windows Settings.
  • Bluetooth & devices > Printer & Scanners > Click on Your Printer.
  • Next, click on Printer Properties and click on the Ports tab.
  • Click on the Add Port button and select Standard TCP/IP Port > New Port.

add static ip printer 0x00000709

  • After that, follow the onscreen steps, add a static IP address you wish to assign to your PC, and save your settings.


So that was all for Printer error Operation could not be completed (0x00000709). The issue mainly occurs due to network errors. So make sure you are connected to the correct network and have all the sharing settings enabled. If you still get the same error, reading your printer and setting up network print would help you.

What Is the Difference Between a Networked Printer and a Shared Printer?

A network printer is accessible by a network of PCs over an Ethernet or wifi connection. The printer has its network connection or can use a local network to connect to a single or dedicated PC. On the other hand, a shared printer is physically connected to a PC. And it can only interact with one PC at a time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Printer Sharing?

A major drawback of having a shared printer is having a dedicated PC. So every other device can send its print request, and the PC will complete the job. Also, it will use much more resources, and using the PC while the printing job is done would give the user a laggy experience.

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