Fly World War Aircrafts with Windows Phone Rise of Glory Game

Rise of Glory is a World War time Aircraft Flighter Plane game which brings back the joy of  flying an Aircraft back to the phone and specially with Windows Phone awesome tilt control you never go wrong. The game has two modes, Quick Match and Campaigns ( One quick match and three campaigns in Trial Mode)

Rise of Glory Graphics and Game Experience :

A very smooth experience with so much of graphics and tilts gong on. Being a Aircraft game you know how much one has to tilt and dive in and out but this app never crashed even a single time.

The UI is very real like with nice sound effects, specially when you dive in shooting from top, you will remember the movies like Pearl Harbor.

Controls are smooth and works nicely without flaws. Controlling the tail is an important aspect and it never failed on me. Though if you are playing it for the first time, you might need to understand the basics of it but you can ge through fast.

One tip if I can give is dont fire your machine gun unless required because if you keep it pressed it gets heated and will stop firing until it cools down.  The best time to fire is when you see either yellow circle over the tragets or black dots in the red squares.

The only Drawback which I can see is lack of a map which can show me objectives and target. As of now there are red arrows which helps me find the airplanes and other targets like train but if I can have a small map or radar kind of stuff it will be help. However I am not sure if it can be incorporated as all of them

Rise of Glory  Gameplay Video ( Watch on YouTube )


Rise of Glory Screenshots


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Rise of Glory Achievements

  • Kill : 3 ( Rookie ) , 7 ( Wingman ) and 7 ( Instructor ) : Kill 3 Enemies without getting Killed
  • Ace and Top Ace counts to 75 Enemy kills.
  • Then you have 10, 25, 50, 100,. 200, 300, 500, 1000, 5K and 10K kill in any game mode.
  • Frenzy Shooter : Frag 10 enemies in less then 2 Minutes.
  • Flawless : Win a free for all game with over 10 frags without being killed.
  • Clean Match :  Destroy Enemy Base while your base did not get any damage
  • Three in a Row : Capture Enemy Flags three time in a row without getting killed.
  • Flawless CTF : Win a 5 Point CTF match without losing your flag.
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