How to Force Tango Update in Nokia Lumia 800 and 710

Nokia has released the Tango update for Lumia 800 and 710 and it should be available on all phone across the world in the coming days. The Tango update brings in one of the most anticipated features, the Internet sharing through Wi-Fi. Since the update is being rolled out to all phones in a phased manner, it might take some time to reach your device.

But if you are looking to get this update quickly, you can force the update on Lumia 800 and 710, if its not availble for your phone when its connected to Zune.

Update : If you are looking for Windows Phone 7.8 Force Update, Check it out here.

Disclaimer:  Please note that this tutorial needs to be performed at your own risk, WPXBOX will not be responsible for any issues arising out of the update.

Preparations for the Update:

This update is possible as XDA Forum member has got the links for the cab files required for the update. So you will need to manually push these cab files on to the phone and for this, you will need the following tools.

Please make sure that you have some tool to open RAR files.
Updating the Phone:

  1. Open the WP7 update tool you have download and you can see two files, one for 32 bit Windows and second one for 64 bit. Now run this tool (based on your Windows) and install it.
  2. Open the WP7 update Cab sender file and extract the contents in the file on to any folder. The zip file contains one batch file and two folders.
  3. Download the update required from the XDA developers forum for your device from this thread.
  4. Now copy the update downloaded into the folder where you have saved the WP7 update Cab sender tool.
  5. Now connect the phone to Zune and establish the connection. Once the connection is established, you can close the Zune software.
  6. In the WP7 update Cab sender folder, run the batch file with name “WP7 Update Cab Sender”.

Windows Phone Update Cab sender
7. In the screen above, press S, now the cab files with the update will be sent to device and update will start. This process might take some time and your phone will reboot. During the entire process the phone needs to be connected to PC via USB cable. The process generally takes around 15-0 minutes. During the update, you can see a white bar on the top of the screen which shows the progress.
WP Update in pogress

8. Once the update is complete, you can see the new features in action.

Tango update bring in Internet Sharing and also Flip to silence the phone. By July end, Nokia will be pushing more apps to Tango phones which includes Camera Extras as well.

Windows Phone Lumia Internet Sharing

Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube 

Screenshots :

[minigallery id=”4845″ style=”box border box_white”]

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  1. Installed 8112 and then 8773. No problems doing the updates but can no longer even open up the WiFI page in Settings – a step backwards. Arse. A now even more unhappy Lumia 800 owner.

  2. There might be some issues when you force the update, try updating it again. If it doesnot work out, I think you can ask the Nokia care to flash it once again.

  3. On reconnecting to Zune, it said there was an update available. I’ve updated again and got the same version applied. Cannot open About in Settings to check , have to get info via Zune. I can no longer open any messaging threads. Email still works. I assume these issues are what has stopped this update being made available. On the plus side, Internet Sharing (the feature I wanted) is working. Sigh

  4. I checked my logs, I did not update all of the languages. Have remedied going through both updates and everything is now working properly. Hurrah – no more iPhone for tethering!

  5. should i hav to download all the links from xda developer forum ??? i installed update(x86) file but i didnt find the .exe file . also the video tutorial and procedure is not same from my pc , what can i don

  6. I have lumia 800 but i cant use a tutorial to have a internet sharing its always says that can’t download any of the tool that I need because my phone say that cannot support the file that I want to download can u help me for this thanks…


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