Fotor’s Color Splash Studio: Photo Editing App for Windows

Color Splash Studio is an excellent photo-editing Windows application from Everimaging that allows you to bring your photos to life by selectively adding color to a black and white photo. This effect can be seen in advertisements and professionally edited photographs and gives photos a sophisticated, classy feel. Now with Color Splash Studio, it is straightforward to get those kinds of effects with ease.

It is effortless to use, just open Color Splash Studio, choose a photo, select the brush you want, brush over the parts you want to stand out. You can touch up with the eraser if necessary. Now in Color Splash Studio, not only can you selectively restore a photo’s original color, but you can choose to add a filter effect to the brushed areas.

Fotor’s Color Splash Studio: Photo Editing App for Windows

Color Splash Studio Windows


  • Adjust brush size, softness, and intensity with a simple, easy to use interface.
  • Enter Full-Screen mode to hide the toolbars, and focus entirely on editing your image, quickly recover the toolbars with a swipe of your finger or right-click of the mouse.
  • Adjust the brightness, sharpness, and saturation of the colored parts of your photo, right on the same screen. You don’t have to leave your main screen for that.
  • When you add color to your black and white photo, you can now restore the original color with an added filter.
  • It has an integrated album feature in the form of a folder specifically for saving Color Splash photos and provides easy accessibility to these photos right from the home screen.

Fotor Color Splash 1 Fotor Color Splash 2

The app features a friendly User Interface. You don’t have to search for the tools; everything appears right on the editing screen. With a single click, you can add effects to your photos, softness, brightness, and saturation. It features different kinds of brushes and also an eraser. Effects like Sepia Glow, Inception are beautiful and gives your photo a new, professional look. The app is free and available for Windows PCs.

Download from here.



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