Game Mode, In-Built Beam Streaming, Arena revealed for Windows 10 & Xbox One

Microsoft is all ready to give a big push to Gaming on Windows 10 with all new Game Mode in Windows 10 which will include tools, and features that will improve complete gaming experience. This will be part of Creators Update which is expected to release in April 2017.

The company claims that its  going to be a monumental year for Windows 10 when it comes to gaming, and we can see why.

Game Mode on Windows 10:

After realising  potential of gaming on PC, Microsoft is making sure that you get the best experience when using Windows 10 and Xbox Live. This is the very goal of Game Mode. Parts of this feature which start getting enabled this week, followed by future builds.

It is expected that Game Mode will be available for games which gets downloaded from the Store, and will add benefits to Win32 games ( Steam games?)

Its kind of funny that Microsoft did not put much detail about it yet, even though its a huge update. We will keep a close eye on what kind of features get enabled, and keep you posted.

Xbox Windows 10 game Clips

Better Xbox One Guide

If you are one of those Xbox One insiders, get ready for another revamp. As of now Xbox One users will see an update which will improve the Guide to complete the common task.

All you will need is to press the guide once, and it will bring up the enhanced guide on the left side irrespective of what you are doing.  The guide will also include option to start recording with option to recording length, and even access captures directly in the guide.

Beam : Instant Streaming from Xbox One and Windows 10

Its getting less complex, and being put into the core. All you will need is to press press Windows + G, on Windows 10 PC,  to pull up the Game bar and click the broadcast button to start streaming. On Xbox One, you can start streaming with one button press from inside the Guide.

Arena on Xbox Live

Announced back in October, we will see it now happening, starting with World of Tanks” and “Killer Instinct”, you’ll be able to create your own Arena tournaments

  1. You can invite your friends and members of your club can see it and join.
  2. When the tournament ends, the results will be automatically recorded so you can share them on Xbox Live and across your social networks.

So that’s about it. Let us know what do you think about the update coming to Windows 10 PC, and Xbox One.

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