Game Troopers CEO: “Microsoft has done a lot of bad things in Windows Phone”

Even though Windows Phone never had a lot of big publishers on board, those who stuck by were so faithful that they always for the update for the Windows Phone users no matter what.  Companies like Fitbit, Twitter, they all kept doing it. So was Game Troopers. They rolled out some very popular games including Tiny Troopers, who ported their games to Android, Overkill 3 and others. They had shown their faith that needs no certificate, and now the head of Game Troopers have spoken up.

Jesus Bosch commented:

Microsoft has done a lot of bad things in Windows Phone, from the engineering point of view (with so many platforms with breaking changes) and from the commercial point of view (They have treated very badly loyal developers like Game Troopers and their strategy to attracting others has been wrong).

We will continue to release some content for Windows (PC) and some Windows Phone games could be unpublished in the coming months , but that will be more due to the low profitability of the platform than the little support it can receive.

On the other hand how I say in Windows we have the following season of The Last Door and other games that will come out sooner than later.

We will also continue to take content for other platforms like VR but at the moment we do not consider entering Microsoft’s because we do not see that they have a distribution platform for it.

While this is not surprising at all, somebody had the courage to open it up all. It’s not easy for Developers, and OEM to commit to a platform, only to see the core company giving up on it. While Satya Nadella did scrap it out by saying that there was no place for the third ecosystem, not everyone would agree to it.



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