Gameloft to Release “Captain America : The Winter Soldier” game on Windows Phone when Movie releases

Captain America : The Winter Soldier movie I set to release on 26th March of this year and Gameloft has posted a video of the game that is being built for the movie to promote it.  Gameloft has officially launched a trailer for the game on their channel which points towards a 3D game. However there is no date set or announced as of now but we expect it will coincide with the movie launch date. The game will also be available on Android and iOS platform on the same day.

Captain America for Windows Phone

That said, PGR also reports few insights of the game from their sources:

  • Its a 3D game which will feature original narrative co-written by Marvel.
  • Cel-shaded visuals,
  • A lengthy single player campaign,
  • At least one multiplayer mode of play with clans, leagues, and everything else

Video Trailer of the Game

Watch on YouTube

Since few months, Gameloft has started taking Windows Phone seriously and has released almost every game to this platform and now they are releasing games for Windows Phone at the same time with other platforms.

The only info we don’t have is the Xbox Live Integration but I am sure it’s not going to be there keeping in mind this only built for promotion and Xbox Live integration is too much of hardwork.

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