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GameStop might have Stopped its “Unlimited used Games Program”

Only a few weeks ago, we shared the GameStop”Power Pass Subscription” which allowed gamers to keep borrowing used disc-based games for a monthly subscription. Looks like the program has been halted already.

We have elected to temporarily pause the rollout of the new PowerPass subscription service, based on a few program limitations we have identified. We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service,” a GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku.

It was an incredible offer to avail if you have a GameStop store around you, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on those expensive games. All you had to do is spend $60, and rent an unlimited number of used games, and also keep the last one before the subscription ended. The subscription had to be renewed every 6 months.

According to Kotaku, which got this report on the first hand, all advertisements have been moved to back room. I am guessing that GameStop might want to push their Holiday Offers instead of this program. This makes sense in many ways. First, the pricing of the games will be lowered during the upcoming sales by a good margin. Many old games get a huge price cut, and they would want to sell them. Second, GameStop’s subscription program will work anytime.

In case you have already enrolled in the program, you can get your pass, and the game back to GameSpot, and get a full refund. You will also get to pick out any Pre-Owned game for free.

Let’s see if GameSpot actually restarts the program post-holidays.


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