GameStop to offer “Power Pass Subscription” to Rent Games for $60 for 6 months

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service lets you get games at a lower price, get offers and many other things. If you keep playing a lot of games, it makes sense at that price, but guess what, you are stick to digital games.

GameStop, the popular US game retailer shop is all set to take on Microsoft’s Game Pass service with their in-house unlimited game rental service which they call Power Pass.

The biggest advantage with Power Pass is its based on the physical media, unlike digital downloads of Xbox Game Pass. It lets you borrow any used game for a period of time, and also swap a disc for 6 month period for $60, and keep the last borrowed title for the exchange. That said, this Pass is just not for the Xbox Games, but for all major gaming platforms. This will attract gamers who own a PS, Xbox or even Nintendo Switch.

According to the leaked image, this plan is going to start the week of November 13th. There is a catch though. You need to be a member of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program.

Even though digital downloads are getting popular, it takes a lot of bandwidth, space, and other things to keep them going. Using the Power Pass, buying the disc games makes worthful, especially with that “keep the last game” offer.



Via The Verge

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