Garmin drops support for its Smartwatch Vivoactive 3 on Windows phone

Looks like there are a lot of drops happening today. First Kinect, followed by Gameloft and Now Garmin has dropped support for its Fitness Tracker Vivoactive 3 on Windows Phone. While Fitbit is still supporting Windows Phone, but then if you had Garmin tracker, its time to switch your phone for good. You cannot get so many signals together that its time to switch.

Reported by, Garmin has officially confirmed this news, along with no support for new Garmin devices as well. They said:

Thank you for your request. Please excuse the long processing time.

With the new devices of Garmin the Windowsphone is unfortunately no longer supported.

We ask for your understanding.

You can also find further help on this and other topics at

Best regards


Customer Care Associate

This may not be surprising for you if you been using their device. The official Garmin app for Windows 10 Mobile has been suffering from connection breaks and very bad reviews in the Microsoft Store for months. Many users complain about missing notifications on their smartwatches.


That said, you really don’t need to change your fitness tracker unless that’s broke as well. There are tons of Smartwatches around, and Fitbit Ionic is one of the latest ones you might want to take a look at.

via WindowsCentral


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