Garmin Mobile Connect, AccuWeather, 1-800 Flowers Roll out Windows 10 Universal Apps

More Power to Windows 10. Last week, and this week is going to be amazing for Universal Apps on Windows 10. Today three more companies have announced Universal Apps (Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10) for their services. The list includes Garmin Mobile Connect, NBC’s Breaking News, Accuweather and 1-800-Flowers, and they all are fantastic.

1800 Flowers App Universal Windows 10

Garmin Mobile Connect Universal Windows 10 App Features:

  • Modern and colorful design, with a new graphical interface.
  • Daily snapshots, leaderboards and  newsfeed.
  • Snapshot customization to focus on goals and interest (Increasing daily steps, better sleep or training for an upcoming race).
  • Cortana support to ask Garmin Connect Mobile questions including “How many steps did I take yesterday”.
  • Live Tile supports shows active calories, number of connections requests that a user has, last activity information, how much sleep a user got the previous night, how many steps the user has taken toward their goal, and more.
  • Additional social sharing through the newsfeed, leaderboards.
  • Updated Challenges feature where users can compete in a weekly step challenge against other Garmin Connect users that average the same amount of weekly steps.
Garmin Connect Mobile
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Accuweather Universal Windows 10 App Features:

One of the very popular apps among the weather apps, Accuweather sent out press release for their Windows 10 apps which is now a true universal app, delivering fresh new interface, design and modern looking icons. The app supports desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • Improved location management functionality and a streamlined settings menu for easy customization and personalization.
  • Cortana integration — “Cortana, What is my AccuWeather forecast?”.
  • Latest in weather forecasting, complete with weather news and information, as well as severe weather alerts and notifications, interactive weather animations illustrating current weather forecasts, hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours.
  • Animated weather radar and maps.
  • Detailed day/night forecasts, local forecast summaries, forecast previews for the next 3-5 days,
  • Set live tiles to multiple locations so forecasts automatically update on the Start screen.
  • Patented AccuWeather MinuteCast®, the only global, minute-by-minute forecast which provides 120 minutes of precipitation information for users’ exact street addresses or GPS locations, and AccuWeather’s proprietary RealFeel Temperature®, a precise representation of how temperatures actually feel to people outdoors.
AccuWeather - Weather for Life
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1-800-Flowers Universal Windows 10 App Features:

If you love sending flowers through 1-800-Flowers, here is another reason to smile. You can just use Cortana to search for flowers, and gifts based on birthdays, christmas and so on.  The company has also included an  exciting offer of free shipping for Windows 10 users on all orders placed within the app in the US until January 10, 2016. All this comes wrapped in the universal Windows 10 App which you can use on desktop, pc or even with Continuum.

  • UI (user interface) UX (user experience) built from the ground up - this makes the UI even more seamless bringing the mobile phone experience to the desktop.
  • Simplified and easy checkout – checkout has been built from the ground up, and is conceptually completely different from traditional web properties. The checkout hub has been reconfigured making it more suitable for users. From one screen, users are able to complete different parts of checkout such as billing details, shipping details, card message, etc.
The app was not found in the store. :-(

NBC’s Breaking News Universal Windows 10 App Features:

If you are a big fan of tracking latest breaking news, NBC’s breaking news app has been updated to support to Windows 10 Mobile and PC. While there is nothing new if you compare this with their iOS and Android counterpart, the update definitely has made it possible to bring it at par.

Breaking News
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