Gears of War 4 Review

Gears of War 4 is one of the most awaited game by many, and if you haven’t bought it till now, here is what I think about the game after playing it  for straight 3 days.


Story & Campaign

Gears of War story is more than a decade old now, and The Coalition needed some storyline that would not only give the game a fresh look, but also pave the way of future Gears of War series. They needed new characters, new storyline and so on.
In Gears of War 3, everything almost ended. At least that’s how it was supposed to be, but we get to know that the enemies were making their back in this storyline.

New Characters:

Keeping the family line still a strong hold, you will get to see Marcus Fenix, his son JD Fenix,  JD’s childhood friend Delmont Walker, and Kait Diaz the daughter of the village’s leader. If you are kind of person who is always keen on the storyline, Gears of War 4 does well here.

Most of the campaign mode you will end up finding lost family members. First Marcus Fenix, and then Kate’s mother. She was taken by The Swarm during the attack.During this, you get to know that Locusts were actually back, and they where using humans to create more Swarm.

A Minimal & “Left curious” Campaign Mode:

The campaign mode felt little empty, short, and leaves you with urge that more could have been done. It’s intentional as far as I see it, as it ends after the lost family members are recovered.

What it does well is introduce you to new things in the Gears story which will be used in Verses, and Horde Mode.

Fabricator: It’s a machine packed in a box which lets you build Weapons, and War machines like Turrets.

New Weapons: As you travel through the destroyed city, tunnels, and facilities which had been abounded, and waiting to get rebuild, you will get to see new weapons.  These new toys are impressive, but it may take sometime for you to master them.


Visual & Sound

As years have passed, both technology and hardware have come a long way. Xbox One is powerful when it comes to graphics. Coalition had made sure to use the best out of it, and the result is visually stunning graphics, and sound effects in Gears of War 4.

The chapters, surroundings, guns, particle effects, and weather are now very close to what it looks in real world. Do yourself a favour, and spend time looking how much detail everything has when playing the game. You will appreciate it. A special case of character is Marcus Fenix who is now old, and the way the skin, the looks are made is simply fantastic.


One of the most stunning visual is the wind flare, the giant storm throwing out electrical which strikes everywhere.


We played Gears of War 4 on Xbox One, and the best part is that there is not a single frame drop. It worked out very smoothly both during campaign mode, and horde.


The fourth series of Gears of War follows the same style of third person shooter where most of the game is played using cover-based. You hide, shoot, reload, and shoot again. Nothing stops you from coming out in open, but watch your back.

Let me get this straight. Those who are looking forward from campaign only perspective, there is not much. You get like 10-15 hours of gameplay, and like I shared above, its damn short, and incomplete for obvious reasons. However, the campaign mode does give you excellent visual experience, and test limits of the game.


When it comes to Horde and Verses mode, it’s an unlimited pack. Its peak time for Gears of War 4, and the serves are handling well for Online Multiplayer Sessions.  As of now you have limited maps for all, but expect them to come out soon to keep the freshness.

Speaking of weapons, GOW4 has new set of weapons, combat features, enemies, and card system.

New Weapons:

  • Dropshot: If you want to take down an enemy who is winding under the cover, this comes in very handy. What it does it fly  pass the cover, and then drill on the head of the person behind the covers, and explode. That said it’s not perfect point, and shoot, you need to learn how to trigger.
  • Buzzkill : This is one of the deadliest weapon which can backfire, literally. This throws out buzz saws which cuts anything which falls in between except walls of which it bounces back. So be careful when it makes it way back, else it can take down you or our teammate.

There are few more weapons that you would see, specially when the robots make their way into the horde mode. Do keep an eye.

New Combat Style:

You can quickly run into an enemy when in cover by pressing the ‘B’ button, and execute him.  The second cool move when you and your enemy are hiding behind the same cover, and then you do the same to execute him. Pretty cool compared to shotgun. Oh, beware you are also open to the same attack.

New Enemies:

Apart from the classic locust hord, you get to meat new enemies which are mean. There is one named as Puncers which throws off lethal poison from its tail, and then you have Snacthers which can swallow one of your player, and leave. If that happens, your level will fail.


New Card System:

Its an interesting addition that is included now in the game which helps in various ways. These cards allow you to boost your skills, lower down Turret pricing, and even boost the health. You can have cards for unique weapons as well.

If it is sounding familiar, then something similar is available with Titanfall as well. You can combine your card, destroy them and so on. We will come out with more details on this soon.



If you been a Gears of War fan from a long time, you should not miss this game, specially if you are Horde lover. You get more control, and can practically plan on how to use the maps properly for best results.

The game is available for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC both. The digital download is around 55GB for Xbox One.

Gears of War 4
Price: $29.99+
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