How To Get Back to the Classic MS Paint App in Windows 10

Microsoft, after the Windows 10 Creators Update, removed the old paint and replaced it with the Paint 3D app. As per the feedback from people, we can see that people are not happy with the modern Paint 3D app. It takes a lot more time to load, usability is affected a lot, and lastly, it is a hassle for the user to save and crop the image. If you wish to get the Original Paint App, it is very well possible. In this article, we will learn how we would bring the classic MS Paint app back in Windows 10.

How To Get Back to the Classic MS Paint App in Windows 10

Two methods will help you ultimately remove the Paint 3D app and bring the old Paint app that was liked by everyone and very easy to use. We will also be sharing one method in which you want to keep both apps, i.e., Paint 3D and Old Paint App. So, without wasting time further, have a look at the tutorials that will help you to get back the Original Paint App in Windows 10.

Method 1 – Uninstall the Paint 3D App

The best and easiest way to restore the Original Paint App in Windows 10 is to remove the Paint 3D app. Follow the steps given below to achieve it successfully:-

  • Open Settings from the Start menu.
  • Go to the System and then go on to the Apps and Features option.
  • In Apps & Features section, scroll down until you find the Paint 3D app on the right-hand side list.
  • Click on it, and you will get two options, select Uninstall.

That’s it! Once the Paint 3D is uninstalled, you can use the old Paint app by finding it from the Start Menu by searching Paint.

Method 2 – Use Registry Editor to Get Old Paint App

  • Open Regedit by typing it on the Start menu. Right-click on it and select Run it as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Paint\Settings
  • Under Settings, Make a new 32-bit Dword parameter by Right-click anywhere in the right window. Select New and select Dword (32-bit) Value

  • Name it as DisableModernPaintBootstrap and Set its value Data to 1  in the Settings subkey menu.

  • Now, with the help of this method, you can run the Classic MS Windows Paint app.

Method 3 – For Those Who Want to Use Both Paint 3D and Classic MS Paint App

This method is for those who want to use Paint 3D and Original Paint app on computer updated to Windows 10 Creators Update. In this method, you have to download the Classic MS Paint App, and it will work with all future Windows updates. Let’s see how to do it.


That is it! MS Classic Paint app is successfully installed in your system. To use, search by typing Paint in the Menu search bar, and an app with the name of Paint (Classic) will appear. Now, both the apps are in the system; you can use whichever you want at any given point of the time.

These are the easiest ways you can use to get back the Classic Paint app that we are using for ages. Please comment for any doubts or queries and do share along with your family and friends.

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  1. Thanks – that’s very helpful! Like a lot of people I found the old version of Paint had useful features that the new one doesn’t have, and the new one has other features that I don’t need. I looked at other drawing software available but it mostly seems a lot more sophisticated than what I need.


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