How to receive and make calls from Windows 10 using Your Phone app

Do you use an Android phone and a Windows 10 PC? Do you wish to get notifications of incoming and missed calls on Desktop? How about making and receiving the calls from your Windows 10 Desktop? All this is possible, thanks to Your Phone App from Microsoft. Earlier, it worked through Cortana, but since it’s not there anymore, in this post, I will show how you can setup Your Phone app to receive and make calls from Windows 10 using Your Phone App.

Note: Before we go ahead, there is one minimum requirement for this to work. You should have Bluetooth on your computer. While most of the modern Desktop and laptops have it, if you have an old one, then you need to add a Bluetooth connector.

How to receive and make calls from Windows 10 using Your Phone app

Install Your Phone App on Windows 10 and your Android phone. Once installed, on your Android Phone, make sure to sign-in with the same account you are using on your Windows 10 computer. Your Phone App will use the default Microsoft account. In case you have multiple accounts, you will be prompted to choose one.

1] Setting up Your Phone App

receive make calls Windows 10

Open Your Phone app on the computer. The app will detect if you have more than one phone. Set one as default. You can also go to Settings, and change it from the dropdown available under Device.

  1. On the left side of the app, Done that, click on calls or dial-pad icon on the left side of the app.
  2. Click on the Get Started button.
  3. It will then prompt you to set up a Bluetooth connection between your phone and computer. Click on Setup Button.
  4. Once paired (you will get prompt for PIN on both the devices), click on Send permission button to send notification on the phone asking for permission.
  5. You will get a prompt that Your Phone needs access to contacts, and recent call logs to display on the phone. Click on the Yes button.

Done that, you should now see the recently made calls (last 90 days), and a dial pad in the call section.

2] Make a Call from Your Phone App in Windows 10

receive make calls Windows 10

If your setup is through, it is the easiest thing to do from Windows 10 PC. Make sure the phone is near your PC for best performance.

  • Click on the Calls icon, and you should see recent call logs along with a dial pad. The dial pad also offers a search button to find a contact.
  • If you click on the recently dialed contact, you will have the option to make a call or send a text message
  • If you had used the search box, then the contact details will appear in the dial pad
  • You can click on the call icon to make a call from your Phone App in Windows 10.
  • As soon as you do that, your phone should light up, displaying the call in progress.
  • The audio will be through your Windows 10 PC, and if you have a microphone, you will be able to talk through it.
  • Similarly, for incoming calls, a notification will appear on the right side through Focus Assist. You can choose to decline, message, or answer the call.

receive make calls Windows 10

During incoming or outgoing calls, you have complete control to manage calls from your phone as well. You can anytime turn off Bluetooth, and switch to a regular call. Similarly, for incoming calls, you can switch between PC and Phone or use the onscreen option to do that.

Microsoft has done a great job when it comes to connecting Windows 10 PC and Android smartphone. Not only can you access photos, messages, and notifications, you can also receive and make calls from Windows 10 using Your Phone app. After I started using this feature, I can keep my phone on charging, and still make calls without picking it up.

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