How to Get Incoming Call Notifications on Windows 10 from your Android Phone

Are you an Android phone and a Windows 10 computer user? Do you occasionally forget to check your phone while working on your laptop? Do you wish to use or check your phone while you are in a meeting? Do you wish to get notifications of incoming and missed calls like you get WhatsApp notification on your laptop now? Now, you can get all the alerts of your Android phone on your computer, whether it’s an incoming call or a missed call. The only thing that you will need is to set up Cortana on your Android smartphone. Cortana to Android is similar to what Siri is to iPhone.

First, you need to install Cortana official app from the Play Store. After you have successfully installed the official app of Cortana from the Google Play, just log into with the Microsoft account. This Microsoft account should be exactly the same that you will be using on your laptop because of synchronization. As soon as you have logged in to your account, all you need is just to go to the settings of Cortana app and click the button to turn on the notifications.

So, without further adieu, have a look at the tutorial that will help you on how to get incoming call alerts and other alerts on your Windows 10 device from your Android Phone.

Steps to Turn on the Notifications in your Android Phone

1. Go to the Settings of Cortana App on your phone. You will see a list of options, tap on Sync Notifications.


2. There will be a host of options under Sync Notifications, toggle on the Missed call Notification and Call Notification to turn on the notification for incoming calls as well as calls that you have missed.

3. If you want to get alerts for low battery on your phone, then toggle the Low Battery Notifications. You will get the alerts on your laptop as soon as your battery is down


4. You also have the option of getting notifications for the app on your laptop. The added advantage is that now you can get alerts only from the selected apps that you wish to. This way you will not be bombarded with alerts from all of your actions as well as dormant apps of your phone. You can toggle on to App Notifications Sync, which will show you all the apps from which you can get notification from your phone. You can choose them accordingly according to your needs.

Steps to be Follow on Windows 10 Device to Get the Notifications from Android Phone

1. Go to Settings on your laptop. Then go to System tab there.

Step 2: From System, tap on Notifications and Actions. You will find that your smartphone is already listed as one of the senders from whom you will get alerts.

Step 3: Adjust the settings of the notifications as you would have done with other senders’ option according to your needs. Some the settings include hiding or showing the alert banners or maybe keeping the alerts private on the lock screen so that others don’t pry on to your privacy. You can do settings to get notifications on the action centre and also adjust the sound you want to get when a notification arrive.


After following the above steps, you will be able to get call notifications and other alerts of your Android phone on your Windows 10 laptop. You will be able to see the contact name or the number in the notifications for missed or incoming call. Keep in mind that you cannot respond to those notifications like to receive the call or reply to a text from your computer.

Did you like our article? Will you enable receiving call notifications on your Windows 10 PC from your Android phone? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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