Gifting Games to Friends on Xbox One is Coming Soon

If you always wanted to gift games, apps or anything which is digital, most of the services (Google Play Store, Xbox, PlayStation) have options to get it done through gift cards. While it looks neat, but the joy of getting a game for free from your friend or parent has no comparison. It is also one of the requested features for all of them, and it may finally land on Xbox One.

Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President – Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, responded to a tweet where he said that feature to gift a game to somebody on Xbox One is coming soon. If this coming soon is not too far, we may see this in future Xbox One Insiders Update.

One of the easier ways to share a game with your family is to add them to the family list (they have to be in the same country), and once you do they will be able to play the game on the same Xbox One console. But then the picture is bigger here. If you wanted to gift somebody out of your family or your own kid who has his own console, and lives not at the same place as you, it’s going to bring a big smile on his face.

That said, one of the things I am concerned about is how Xbox Team puts this up when it comes to regional.  Anybody should be able to gift it anybody who is using an Xbox Console irrespective of where he or she lives. While you may argue about licesnse, but then it’s me only paying for it,  but the actual owner of the game would be the person to whom the gift is sent across.

In around 2013, when Microsoft has announced Xbox One, they came with features of Game Sharing, Reselling which did not really work out, but I am expecting gifting feature to include an option which also allows sending a game which I am playing right now to somebody I know.

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