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GLAS is Cortana Powered Thermostat from Microsoft

Microsoft has a high ambition to put Cortana on every device possible and in the latest effort, Microsoft has put it on a thermostat in partnership with Johnson Controls. The company excels in intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together.

Coming back to the topic, a video was posted about the GLAS in companies YouTube Channel which showcases how Cortana helps to manage the thermostat. Check out the video below:

GLAS, unlike other boring thermostats, comes with a screen and touch controls and is capable of monitoring air quality, and also can figure out where you are in your room. This helps the device change settings for the best experience. This is of course powered by  Windows 10 IoT with Cortana Integration and voice activation.

All the sensors on GLAS are designed to change settings on the fly,  just like Nest and Ecobee4. However, those devices don’t come with Voice activation. Looking at the video it is clear that Microsoft is not just building it for home, but also for businesses and depending on how big your place is you might need more than one.

(via The Verge).

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