Google is doing Windows Phone with Amazon Echo Show with No YouTube Support

YouTube is one of the most popular services Google has under its sleeve, and any service or platform not able to cater that to its customer faces a huge setback. Windows Phone had this after since the start, and now Google has taken off the support for Amazon’s impressive device Echo Show.

The Verge reports that if you ask Alexa enabled device to show you a YouTube video, it just says “Currently, Google is not supporting Youtube on Echo Show.” This is bad, and while every company has their own reasons to do this, but Google does it everytime it is scared of anything which can get popular.

When The Verge asked Amazon about it, this is what he got back:

Google made a change today at around 3 pm. YouTube used to be available to our shared customers on Echo Show. As of this afternoon, Google has chosen to no longer make YouTube available on Echo Show, without explanation and without notification to customers. There is no technical reason for that decision, which is disappointing and hurts both of our customers.

It’s important for Echo Show mostly because this Alexa Enabled smart speaker has a screen which definitely will be used to watch videos from YouTube, including music. Amazon knows that

While Amazon believes that it’s not a mistake, Google begs to differ. They said:

We’ve been in negotiations with Amazon for a long time, working towards an agreement that provides great experiences for customers on both platforms. Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience. We hope to be able to reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon.

Sounds familiar.

Let’s see if Amazon and Alexa can get this sorted, but till then it’s a setback for those who own the device.

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