Gtalk like client for Windows Phone : GChat

GChat is a Google Talk client for Windows Phone which can let you chat with other people on Gtalk on your Google or Gmail Account. This is not an official app from Google so make sure you trust enough to use this app with the account you use.

Gchat Conversation Mango Style

Features of GChat :

  • Mango like Threaded conversation.
  • Get notified of a new chat or message.
  • You can make the chat off the record any time you want.
  • Any of the contact can be pinned and when you tap on it, the conversation windows opens.
  • Lock Screen Rotation
  • Reddit Style Icons
  • Toast Notification
  • Secondary Tile notification which happens when  pinned contact sends a message.
  • Images can be send but they are uploaded to imag.ur and it will be public image.

Features like File Transfer, Video Chat, Group Chat etc are not yet supported though notification for new message came out quick enough. Since you can pin contacts and secondary tile notification is possible, it gives you smoother experience.

Video Review of GChat :

In this video review I have showcased conversation between two Google Account, one which is on android and other on Windows Phone.

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Screenshot of Ghat :

[minigallery id=”537″ style=”box border box_white”]


Also if you are a developer, GChat is available to download or you have chance to improve it by contributing it in the project here

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