How to Hide Unused Games & Demos from Xbox One “Ready to Install” Section

Xbox One allows you to reinstall all digital games which you don’t have any more on your console. While they are all available under Ready to Install under My Apps and Games, it could be a huge list for gamers who been on the Xbox for very long time. Many a times you will have games which were downloaded for BETA, Demo and games which are from pre-historic era. It is obvious that you don’t want all of them to get listed, only to confuse you.

Xbox One August update has rolled out many features for the gamers, of which one feature which addresses this with a nifty trick.  It allows you to hide any game you wish to disappear from the list. This is what it will look like.

Hide Xbox One Games Demos 2

How to Hide from the ‘Ready to Install’ Section

  1. Open My Games and Apps which should be on right of the home screen.
  2. Navigate to Ready to Install section, and give it a bit of time to load all the games from your account. Ideally this should have been offline with lazy load.
  3. Next hover over any of the titles or game demos you want off the list, and press the menu button on the controller.
  4. Select “Hide from List” option

How to Un-Hide from  the ‘Ready to Install’ Section

  1. Navigate to Ready to Install.
  2. Now press the LB + RB + X buttons simultaneously. This will quickly reload the section, and all your games which was hidden will reappear.  Note to games that this doesn’t work all the time, and you might have to try more than once to make it work.
  3. Once the list gets update, hover over the game which you hid, and press on the context menu. You will get an option saying “Unhide from list”. Select and you are done.

Hide Xbox One Games Demos 1

What Microsoft should have ideally done here is have a second tab for hidden games so finding them becomes lot easier. As of now there is no way to search any item in ready to install section, and if you list is still way too long, the best way to install the games again would be searching through the store. That’s lot easier.

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