Home Control app lets you manage your Home lights, fans etc from Windows Phone

Looks like stories which I used to read in science books during childhood is all coming true, Now with Switch King Server powered homes can control their Lights, Fans, Table Lamps and other electronic devices right from your phone even before you get home. So no more blind dates looking for switches !!!.

Home Control

For the Unknowns, SwitchKing is a software which can talk to a your home appliences over wireless which when expanded means :

“Switch King is a user friendly application to control remote power switches using a computer. The application uses a Telldus Tellstick to send wireless signals to remote power switches in order to turn them on or off. With Switch King and Telldus Tellstick you will get a very affordable solution that is easy to install even in existing homes.”

Features  of Home Control App :

  • Best part is Trial Mode lets you control 5 devices and if you pay, you can control any number.
  • Manage profiles like Turning all the lights on for a minute or turn them all off or just the bedroom.
  • See Outside Temperature.
  • Dim Lights to whatever power you want.
  • Check out the upcoming devices

As of now the App is connected to Demo site which you will need to change in settings page but if you do not have it you can still get to feel it.

Next upcoming feature which is not supported yet is Switch King Live.  Also to let you know that is not an official software by Switch King but the apps is developed by Patte | Via MSicc


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