5 Hottest Cryptocurrencies That Can Triple Your Money in 2022 Will It Be a Millionaire Maker

In recent times, cryptocurrency is on the top and stealing the show when it comes to investing or trading. Right for the launch of the first cryptocurrency to date, more than $2.5 trillion is into circulation in the form of digital currency. If you compare from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2021, it has increased by almost 190 percent. Most of the contribution is from the two most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Those who have started investing through brexitmillionaire.net in these two cryptocurrencies from the beginning are now wealthier than they ever were.

The cryptocurrency market is said to be highly volatile, yet many people are showing interest in investing in them. This is because of the predictions that the price of these cryptocurrencies will go high and provide advantages in the future. As we have already entered into another New Year, you should now focus on those coins that can help you in making more out of the cryptocurrency investments. You need to find those coins that can make you millionaires. So, here we have come up with the five best and hottest cryptocurrencies that can triple your money in 2022. They will be the millionaire makers.

Hottest Cryptocurrencies


A cryptocurrency with the highest market cap and the one with high chances of getting tripled in the coming year is Avalanche. It is a high-speed network that is driven by smart contract blockchain. Smart contracts assist in facilitating, verifying, and also negotiations between two different parties regarding contracts. This network will be able to process 4500 transactions in one second. That means you get a block finality of fewer than 2 seconds. When compared to the most popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin, this is quite faster. So, this is the faster cryptocurrency.


If you look at the market value, Stellar is standing somewhere between 25th to 28th place, and it is one of those coins that can triple its price this year. Not many payment coin-based platforms will gain more popularity. But if there is something that deserves some popularity, the Stellar can be the one. Transferring money from one currency to another currency can be done in just a few minutes with Stellar. Just buy Stellar, and then send it across. Once the other person receives it, it can be easily converted into the currency of that country. 3000 transactions per second are the speed of Stellar.


Most of us are aware of Bitcoin and Ethereum when we talk about cryptocurrencies. But if you are looking for a coin that can triple your money this year, then Qtum is a great option. Bitcoin and Ethereum may be the top cryptocurrencies at present. But they also have some cons like slower transaction rate, higher transaction fee, and congested network. But with Qtum, you will be able to see the advantages of these two combined into one blockchain. The transactions on Qtum are very secure, and the model is obtained from Bitcoin.


Many people think that Qtum is not very popular or outside the radar. If you also have the same conception, you should check out Nano. It is a very small cryptocurrency, and even its market cap is very low. But it has faster transaction speed and scalability. It is very much similar to Stellar. If you look at all the other cryptocurrencies on the list, this one offers you the fastest finality of the block.


The last cryptocurrency on our list that can help in tripling your investments in 2022 is Algorand. Based on its market value, it stands in 22nd place and is one of the best choices for making good money. The investors of Algorand can enjoy efficient scalability and execution speed. This cryptocurrency network will be able to process 1162 transactions per second. So, a block finality can be achieved in 4.36 seconds. This is almost the same with the Stellar.

So, investing in any of these five cryptocurrencies in 2022 can be an advantage. But it will be great if you can divide your investments and invest a small amount in all of them for better results.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. When investing money, you need to make your own choice and use discretion. We will not be responsible if you make a loss when buying and selling a Cryptocurrency.

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