How Can I Send and Receive Faxes Wirelessly?

Faxing has been amongst the most frequently and abundantly used mechanisms of communication. The fact that it was considered the best was its confidentiality and lack of any other hassles. Despite the fact it was useful and confidential; its use has been on the low since the inception of social media and technological advancements.

Even though the use has declined and there are very few places where the fax is required, it is still a dicing need in the office and may be required for certain purposes. If you want to use the fax but also need to get rid of bulky office equipment such as heavy fax machines, here is what you may need to do:

Cocofax: Your Online Fax Transfer Service

CocoFax is a highly advantageous and purposeful application that can be employed for your faxing needs at any time. This utility serves as a beneficial sender that sends and receives your fax. With the help of the online services of CocoFax, you can easily be sending a fax without a phone line. All you need is an internet connection and secure connectivity, and leave the rest to CocoFax.

How Can I Send and Receive Faxes Wirelessly?

Due to its effectiveness and immense recognition by the most classic digital brands, CocoFax is all that you need for an effortless and easy faxing service. You are always welcomed to visit the official GooglefaxFree website to check out our extensive features and utilities. Owing to its fame, CocoFax has surpassed competitors and has been recognized by digital champions such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times.

Why Is CocoFax Considered a Maestro?

The brilliance of CocoFax and its utilitarian services are an answer to this question. CocoFax ensures that the clients and daily users are met with the most satisfying answers in the best way possible. Certain features of CocoFax make it a class apart from the rest and explain the reason for its recognition and fame.

CocoFax also provides you with a free 30-day trial in which you can easily access all of the premium options and avail of all of our extensive and new deals. CocoFax requires only your trust and, therefore, helps in assuring you of a neat and clean faxing experience online.

CocoFax possesses certain traits that make it different from the rest and make sure that the clients are given the best solution. Ease in account creation, free fax number allotment, and pertinence of security during faxing are amongst the foremost features of our service.

Coco Fax Features

Is Fax Sending Possible over An Internet Connection?

CocoFax administers safe and secure sending procedures to ensure that the safety of the messages and the confidentiality of the faxing is maintained up to the mark. CocoFax is recognized as the top-notch application that easily sends the fax.

All that CocoFax requires you to do is to connect either your pc or your mobile to the internet and gain access to the site. The rest will be dealt with by CocoFax itself. We ensure that your data is encrypted and secure from any third-party influences.

CocoFax sends the fax easily and effectively over an internet connection. Moreover,  the free month trial is an effective facility for the clients as it helps you to avail all of our facilities and explore what we offer. CocoFax ensures that there are no hidden charges that can be a nuisance to your digital fax experience.

How Is The Fax Sent And Received on Phone Wirelessly (Step by Step Guide)?

Sending the fax is really easy, and all you need is an internet connection and your ID along with the fax number. Once you procure these conditions, you can easily send the fax to anyone you want from your phone or pc without the need for any wires. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1:

The first step that CocoFax wants you to do is to make sure that a stable internet connection is promised. Once your device is connected, you can visit the official site of CocoFax called “”. You will see a “Register your account” button in the highlight. Click the button to immediately register your account and enter certain details to which we turn next.

Cocofax free trial Choose fax number

Step 2:

Enter some credentials such as the Email address to ensure account creation and procurement of a unique identity called the fax number. This will be your identification, and you need this to send the fax online. You can also send and receive the fax simultaneously.

Cocofax free trial Choose fax number

Step 3:

For sending the fax over an internet connection, click on the Send button from where you can enter the fax number. Since a fax number is a unique identity and is special to everyone, you must ensure that the fax number you provide is authentic and up to date. Just enter on the send button after entering the fax number, and your fax will be sent immediately.

How Can I Send and Receive Faxes Wirelessly?

Are The Files Readable?

Many people worry about the receiving process and think about whether the files would be readable or not. Rest assured because CocoFax also covers you at this point. Whenever you receive the fax, your files are converted rapidly into a PDF file form where you can easily read and even share the content for the future.

Moreover, CocoFax forms an inbox where the fax is stored and kept a record of. You can always transfer, forward, recycle and spam the faxes into your account within less than a minute. CocoFax makes sure that no stone is left unturned in the process of client satisfaction and ease in transmission.


All you have to do is to trust CocoFax for the facilities it possesses and endorse it as your application for the online transmission of fax. CocoFax guarantees you an easy transmission of fax within no time and no hidden charges.

Trust CocoFax and avail of the one-month free offer to devour the relentless services we provide to our valued users!

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