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How do I Fax from Outlook for Free

A lot of State and Government organizations only prefer fax communication. In case if you have a fax machine, you get a great advantage for your business. But, in case if you don’t, you can face an operational and communication bottleneck.

So, does this mean that you need to buy a fax machine? No. Now it is even possible to fax from the outlook for absolutely free. You have to try this fax machine less alternative that provides you the impetus to fax from outlook.

CocoFax- Best Fax through Outlook

CocoFax is the best online faxing service that is there to exit. The web and application-based faxing service tops and combats all the competition in the relevant industry. It comprises a plethora of delectable services, functions, and features.

CocoFax offers an extensive way to send and receive faxes. It can be used in multiple ways through multiple modes. You can use email, desktop, dashboard, PC, laptop, and even your smartphone to send a fax.

Cocofax Send Fax from Outlook

Additionally, it also provides a free fax number. When you subscribe to a CocoFax account, you attain a free fax number. If you have tried getting a fax number before, you would be aware of all the hassle involved in the process.

Sending Fax through Outlook

The outlook is well embedded into the very functioning of our office work. Email through Outlook is the most preferred way to communicate officially. While Outlook is compatible with CocoFax, you can use other faxing services like yahoo, Gmail, and others.

In order to make sure that you can send a fax through Outlook, you need to ensure the following:

CocoFax Subscription

You need to subscribe and sign up for CocoFax. The most exciting part about this is that it also offers a free 30-day trial. Yes, a good 30 days for checking the services of CocoFax. A lot of online faxing apps claim to offer free demos.

Most of the free demos and trial period just blatantly lie with a lot of hidden costs. CocoFax is true to its claims. It offers a free 30-day trial. This period is good to assess your compatibility with the app. If comfortable, you can subscribe to it. If not, you can let unsubscribe within the trial period.

Outlook account

In order to be using Outlook to send out a fax, you need to have an Outlook account. Most offices provide their employees with email services. Outlook is the popular mailing service provided by Microsoft Word.

It is trusted with organizations and businesses around the globe. So, if you use Outlook to send out official emails, CocoFax can help you further. Your outlook can become a full-fledged fax machine. For that, having an Outlook subscription is imperative.

Internet and Compatible Device

In order to use Outlook and CocoFax, you need to have a stable internet connection. You also need to have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a smartphone that you will use for the purpose. Once you have all the above sorted, you can send faxes through Outlook in a jiffy.

Sending Fax through Outlook: Process

You do not have to buy a fax machine for using the services of CocoFax. You can send and receive faxes just through your Outlook and a CocoFax connection. In fact, for immense ease and operational convenience, Outlook is the most popular way to use CocoFax.

One must understand that emails like Outlook work on a digital platform, and fax machines work on an analog telephonic mode. When you send an email to a fax number, CocoFax acts like a translator.

You get a free fax number from CocoFax on the subscription that is your fax identity. On the other hand, you need to convert the recipient’s fax number into an email. Below is the process:

Conversion of Fax number to Email

You need to open a new email. If you wish to send a fax to a fax number, your fax number (which you would receive for free from CocoFax) will be used for the purpose. Now, the recipient fax number will need to be converted into an email.

Converting a fax number into an email is a super simple procedure. You need to add the suffix @cocofax.net after the designated fax number. Let us suppose 012345678 is the recipient fax number.

Now, in order to send a fax to this number from CocoFax, you need to add the above-stated suffix. You will enter this email ID in the ‘Recipient’ or ‘To’ section of the email 012345678@CocoFax.net

Attachment of Fax Document

CocoFax allows all forms of attachments like doc, Docx, VLS, XLSX, png, and jpg files. However, regardless of the file type, it can only be received in a pdf format. So, irrespective of your attachment type, the fax will be received as PDF only.

You can skip the subject or body of the email. Any data so entered would appear as a footnote or fax cover sheet.

Delivery Notification

As and when your fax is delivered, you will attain a delivery notification. A few instances when faxes are not delivered are on account of manual errors. This is why a fax number should be rechecked once before sending.

Either way, CocoFax sends email notifications on sending fax messages successfully. On similar lines, if a fax is received on your CocoFax designated fax number, the same appears in your inbox. You will never miss a fax on your number.


The ease and convenience that CocoFax offers are far superior to any other online faxing service. It is best on all accounts. Whether it comes to the user interface or the sheer excellence of the app in general, it has a lot to offer.

You have to try this app to know how easy it can make business communication for you. Missing out on a communication mode as popular and widely used as faxes is not prudent. A 30-day free trial is a great opportunity to assess the app without any costs.

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