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How to Add Multiple Microsoft Accounts in Windows 10 Mobile

Starting with Windows 10 Mobile, it is now possible to use multiple Microsoft Accounts in the same phone. So if you use different Microsoft Account for Different Apps like Groove, One for Xbox and other for Email, they all can be used in the same phone. This approach is similar to how it works in Android.

Multiple MS Account for Apps 4

There is always a Primary Account:

The first account with which you login to the device, becomes the primary account. It is also tied up with the Store.  You cannot change this, nor you can add another regular Microsoft account. Only exceptions are Workplace & School accounts.

Where can I use a Secondary Account in Windows 10 Mobile?

Almost Everywhere . Any app or game which has a Microsoft Sign-in is possible. The apps which support multiple accounts, won’t automatically sign-in when you fist launch it, but if they do, you can change it. Look for your profile under the hamburger menu.

Below are few apps which works with a secondary account.

  • Films and TV & Groove Music (Wherever the service is supported)
  • OneDrive –You can have simultaneous multiple account.
  • Xbox App
  • Maps
  • and of course Outlook.

Few Exceptions:

  • Photo App : It uses only the primary account. If you sign-out of your Primary account from OneDrive, the automatic backup is disabled.
  • Cortana
  • Office except that you can add Business and School Accounts.

How to Add Extra Microsoft Accounts to the Phone?

Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Email and Accounts. The first option is for Email, Calendar and Contacts. The second option is for accounts bed by other app. Tap on Add a Microsoft Account or Workplace or School Account.  The same option automatically shows up, when you want to add another account through apps.

It is good to see that Microsoft has finally moved away from bring account centric to app centric, but its not still very clear, and straight forward. Microsoft needs to add a small tutorial or info during the setup process in more detail. Also for services which are not supported in few countries, the sign-in option should be totally removed.

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