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How Quickly Will You Get Your Reserved Copy of Windows 10 ? Here is How Microsoft is Planning

Microsoft is all ready to prepare for a mass roll out of Windows 10 millions of desktop, PC, laptops and systems yo have configured on your own. A few days ago, Microsoft also said that if you have a copy of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 with valid licence you will get a free upgrade. Microsoft is keeping their promise up, and by this time the notification to reserve Windows 10 copy should be up on your screen. If now read how to do it.

That said, the biggest question is, “Will One get update Instantly on July 29th” ? Short answer is No, but you don’t have to be sad. With so many OEM, Custom PC and OS on different levels, you might have to wait a bit, but not long.

  • Microsoft will give a build of Windows t0 OEM Partners first for the new devices.
  • Then comes the retailers. A copy will be sent out to retailers around the world. This will help them to assist customers with newly purchased Windows 8.1. A sticker like you see below can be seen on such devices.

  • Starting on July 29,  Windows 10 will be rolled out to Windows Insiders.
  • Next, reserved systems will be notified in waves. This will slowly scale up. So don’t panic if you don’t see it yet. You will get notified about compatibility, and once Windows 10 is downloaded, you will get notified. Make sure to keep your Windows connected to Internet all the time.

Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

  • In case your system is not ready for an upgrade, you will be notified about that as well i.e. what is the problem, drives compatibility and so on. Microsoft is also planning to include contact information, in few cases, so you can directly contact the manufacturer or provider. In case there is no solution for apps, Microsoft will suggest some new ones.

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