How to Activate Windows 10 (Multiple Ways)

While most of the new PC’s and laptops now come with a genuine copy of Windows pre-installed, in case you have built your custom PC or have reinstalled Windows 10 on the same machine, you’ll need to activate Windows 10 to enjoy all of its features. Activating Windows 10 could be done in a couple of ways, either using a product key or a digital license. In this post, I will guide you on how to activate Windows 10.

Check Whether Windows 10 is Activated or Not

How to Check Windows 10 Activation

In case you aren’t sure or just wondering whether your copy of Windows 10 is already activated or not, and would like to check it out, here’s how you can do that:

  • Pull-up, the search box, search for Settings, and then select the main listed result.
  • Navigate to Update and Security Menu > Activation.
  • Now under the Activation Menu, if you notice the status as “Windows is Activated,” or “Windows is activated with a Digital License” or “Windows is Activated with a Digital License linked yo your Microsoft Account,” then your copy of Windows is activated. Whereas if you notice “Windows isn’t activated,” then you’ll need to activate it.

How to Activate Windows 10

Whether you have built a new computer or are just re-activating a computer that previously had Windows 10 installed, here are a few ways to activate Windows 10 on your machine

  1. Activate using Settings (Product Key)
  2. Activate using Digital license
  3. Activate using CMD

1] Activate using a Product Key through Settings

How to Activate Windows 10 via Settings

If you have purchased a product key or you do have one already and would like to activate your machine using the same, here’s how to do it:

  1. Pull-up, the search box, search for Settings, and then select the main listed result.
  2. Navigate to Update and Security Menu > Activation.
  3. Now, under the Update Product Key option, select Change Product Key and here enter your Product key you have purchased or which came pre-installed.

Note: You’ll need to be connected to the internet for the process to be completed successfully.

How to find Windows 10 Product Key even if the computer is dead

2] Activate using a Digital License

Microsoft has made it very easy for people who already have Windows installed on their either PC and would like to activate it on another one. Windows can link the product key to your Microsoft account, which can automatically later activate the other PC’s.

  1. During Windows 10’s installation, select the option for I don’t have a Product Key.
  2. Now login to Windows with the same Microsoft account, which has the Windows 10 Product Key linked.
  3. Windows will automatically activate the copy of Windows when there is an active internet connection.

3] Activate using CMD (Product Key)

How to Activate Windows 10 via CMD

Although Windows can be activated directly from the settings page, there are a few other methods including the Command Prompt which could be used for activating windows or changing the product key, here’s how:

  1. Open an Administrative Command Prompt or a Powershell Window
  2. Now, type in the below-mentioned command where # should be replaced with the product key. (ex.slmgr.vbs /ipk 11111-22222-33333-44444-55555)
slmgr.vbs /ipk #####-#####-#####-#####-#####

Note: If your copy of Windows already has a key installed, using this will silently replace the older key with the new one.

Additionally, if your manufacturer provides a genuine copy of Windows pre-installed with your PC or the laptop, the product key would be saved in the BIOS, so the next time you install windows on the same machine, at the time of installation just select I don’t have a  Product Key, Windows will automatically detect the key from the BIOS and activate it upon successfully having an internet connection.

I hope the post was useful, and you were able to Activate Windows 10 on your machine. With that said, How many of you have purchased a Windows 10 Key? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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