How to Add a Custom Folder under This PC in File Explorer?

Adding custom folders to This PC would have been a great feature in Windows. It would have helped us go to our most important folders quickly. But by default Windows does not allow you to create any folders under This PC directory. Instead, it allows you to navigate between your hard disk drives. So the question is, how to add a custom folder under “This PC” in Explorer?

Why Does May Someone Need To Add a Folder to This PC?

There can be many reasons why someone might add a folder to This PC. An apparent reason would be that it makes it super easy to access your most used folders quickly.

Also, by adding multiple folders under This PC, you can quickly organize your PC and access different folders. You can free up your desktop space and remove all the folders and icons.

In short, anyone looking to organize their computer a bit more might want to add a folder to This PC.

Is Quick Access Better Than This PC in Windows?

Quick access is somewhat helpful. Of course, it helps you to open up your recently accessed files and folders.

Windows automatically update the list of files and folders and adds them to Quick Access. You can also pin folders, which are available as a default option when you open File Explorer.

However, the major drawback of Quick Access is that it displays recently accessed files and folders. So if someone is looking at your screen or you are using the same account with anyone else, then it can be problematic.

Well, the only solution we have is to try out third-party apps. Microsoft provides no option or app to get done with this. So let’s get started with the tutorial:

How to Add a Custom Folder under “This PC” in Explorer

How to Add a Custom Folder under This PC in File Explorer?

As mentioned earlier, Windows does not allow you to add any folders under This PC. Hence, the only option you have is to use third-party apps.

For this tutorial, we will use the Winearo app, which allows you to tweak your Windows. To help you know more, here is a brief description:

What is WinAero Tweaker?

WinAero Tweaker is a free app that lets you customize Windows. It allows you to add extra features to Windows apps and tools with advanced context menus, options, and handy commands.

The software supports all Windows versions and is super easy to use. You can install the software as a portable app, so there is no complicated installation process.

Some of the popular tweaks that can be done with WinAero are changing the taskbar screen position, which is impossible in Windows 11, disabling background apps all at once, setting up shortcut tools, and more.

Steps to Add a Custom Folder

  • First, download WinAero from its website.
  • Once downloaded, extract the Zip file.
  • Double-click on the setup file and follow the onscreen steps to install WinAero.
  • After installing the launch WinAero.
  • Now from the sidebar, scroll down and go to File Explorer > Customize This PC Folders.
  • Next, click on Add custom folder.

  • Click on Browse to choose a folder. Also, from Display, you can change the folder’s name and choose an icon.

  • Once done, click on Add folder.

Now, if you open up This PC, you will find the folder you have just added.

Features of WinAero Tweaker

  • It lets you change your taskbar screen position.
  • Disable background apps at once.
  • You can set an app to launch as an Administrator without a UAC confirmation.
  • Restore the classic search in File Explorer without Internet options.
  • Permanently disable Windows Telemetry and Data Collection.
  • Permanently disable Windows Defender and Windows update.
  • You can disable ads and unwanted app installation on Windows.
  • Enable automatic Registry backup.
  • Reset all Group Policy options at once.
  • Make mapped drives accessible for elevated apps.
  • Customize folders on This PC.
  • Hide default entries from the context menu.

Download WinAero


WinAero is a handy tool for Windows customizations. With this, you cannot only add folders under This PC. But make a lot of customizations throughout your Windows system. So go ahead and check the software and see how it works. If you get stuck at anything, drop a comment below.

Can WinAero be trusted?

Yes, WinAero can be trusted. The software has not been marked to be malware or trojan so far. However, to be safer, consider installing the portable version of WinAero and not the complete version.

How to Customize Their Folder Icon?

With WinAero, you cannot customize the folder icon of regular folders. But it allows you to change the icon of the folder you are adding under This PC. So whenever you add a folder to This PC, click on the Browse button next to the Folder icon and choose an icon from Windows options, or you can select your folder icon.

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