How to Add & Remove Languages in Windows 10

Windows 10 supports multiple languages, and it also supports multiple languages at the same time. What I mean here is that if you want to type in a different language than what is installed on Windows 10, it is possible. In this post, I will show how you can add and remove languages in Windows 10.

Add Remove Languages in Windows 10

Note: If you have a Single Language installation copy of Windows 10, then you cannot install more unless you upgrade.

How to Add & Remove Languages in Windows 10

Many people need to work in different languages. English might be their choice for display, but they could be working in 2 more languages. Since Windows supports many languages, and you can switch, here is how to get it done.

  1. Open Settings (WIN + I), and navigate to Time & Language > Language
  2. You have two options here
    • Windows display language
    • Preferred Languages
  3. Under preferred, click on Add a preferred language, and search.
  4. For each language, you should see small icons next to the listing. They tell if they support Text to speech, Speech recognition, and handwriting
  5. Select the language, and click next
  6. It will then display language features like typing, fonts, etc. Click on the Install button to install it.

Add Language in Windows 10

Once installed, you can enable more options for that language which includes supports for Fonts, Handwriting, OCR, Keyboard, and so on. Each of these options is available as packages that you need to download separately.

Remember to get all these done; you will need an internet connection as they are downloaded directly from Microsoft website. If you are not connected to the internet, then languages will be installed when you connect your PC to the internet.

How to Remove an existing Language from Windows 10

Remove Languages Windows 10

To remove any of the languages, you will have to make sure it’s not a default language. In the Language Settings, tap on the language and choose to remove it. If you have too many languages installed, then it’s a good idea to remove them not just to save storage space, but also make sure you spend less time choosing a language when typing.

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How to Group Languages?

If you have too many languages, and few of them are related, you can group them. Click on the Group Languages button at the bottom of the language section, and Windows will sort them for you.

How to switch Language Keyboard?

Switch language in keyboard in Windows 10

Once the language is installed, you can also switch between them; else it will have no purpose.

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Typing > click on the link of Advanced Keyboard settings
  • Here you can choose to
    • override the default input method
    • enable the option to use a different approach for each app window. Extremely useful
    • use the desktop language bar when its available.
  • Click on Input Language hotkeys. It will open the Advanced Key Settings window.
  • Here you can configure keyboard shortcuts to switch between languages quickly.

If you work with different languages, it is recommended that you set up hotkeys for each of them. Its a lot of steps to change using the Language bar.

That sums up almost everything when it comes to installing or adding a new language, removing it and also switch keyboard to use that language.

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