First Nokia X Update Lets You Change Third Party App Colors

One of the complaints that many users holding a Nokia X shared was option to change the color of the tiles on the start screen. As a fresh start, Nokia X comes with a predefined set of colors like Green (calls, message and phonebook), Light Blue ( browser, store and e-mail) Pink (MixRadio, music and FM)Orange (calendar, calculator and clock) and so on. The rest of the apps had same color set as dark blue.

Change App Tile Colour on Nokia X

The problem having the same color for rest of the icons was confusing from users perspective. At least you need to have alternate color pattern for better readability which makes it easy to find an app. This was addressed in recent software update which also includes performance improvements.

Video Demo:  How to Change App Tile Color

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  • Long press on any third-party app until you see a small red color cross on top left. This is the same mode which lets you change its location and create folder.
  • Look closely, on bottom right of the icon, a color wheel appears. This is new.
  • Now every time you tap on it, it will change the color. You can choose between dark blue, pink, purple, orange, green and glowing blue.

Like I said above, this was released via OTA update which is around 16MB only and you should be able to use your mobile data also for this. To get this done go to Settings > About Phone > System updates and tap Check Now. Next, if there is an update available, you should get an update button. Hit that and download followed by installation will follow.

Nokia X Update


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