How to change Xbox Gamertag ( Free / Paid )

Gamer Tag is the key to everything in Xbox when it comes to getting social and impress other players with your unique name. However many first time Xbox players aren’t aware about the importance and choose a name which they later want to change.

In this tutorial we will learn how you can change the Gamer Tag of any Xbox Profile both for the first time and later again by paying MSP. What You should know

  • Changing gamer tag is free for the first time.
  • After this, You need to pay to change your gamer tag.
  • Any gamer tag used by you previously or anybody else cannot be reused.

How to change gamer tag for the first time :

  • Once you have created an Xbox Profile which is connected to XBOX Live Account,  You will see a random tag already assigned to you.
  • To change, Signin to your Xbox Profile and select your account.
  • Then select Profile > Edit Profile > Gamer Tag
Change Xbox Gamertag
  • If this is the first time you will have immediate option to change the gamer tag and you will be greeted by message which says “Change Your Gamertag, Change it once for free”
  • You have two options here, First enter what you like or ask Xbox Live to suggest you something.
  • You will always get warning when a gamer tag is already existing or cannot be used.
  • Before confirming you get a warning saying  “This change is free, but any future changes will cost 800 Microsoft Points”
  • Select Confirm change and you will see your gamertag on your profile now.
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How to change gamer tag using MSP,  later on :

  • This will cost you 800 Microsoft Points so make sure you are ready to buy or have and if you do not have you will need to have payment option set with your profile to buy at the very moment.
  • Select Profile > Edit Profile > Gamer Tag
  • Enter a new gamertag and the system will make sure it is unique else you will need to choose something different.
Change Gamertag by Paying MS Points
  • Once done, It will check for Microsoft Points in your account. If you have sufficient point you can pay to change the gamertag right there.
  • The process is smooth and you dont have do anything except paying.!!
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How do your friends come to know about it ?

It will take sometime for your friends to see your new profile. For example if you changed it a minute back, your friends will see the same old profile but probably if you send an message, it will be updated instantly.So you dont need to add them again or anything else.

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