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How to change Xbox Gamertag for Free or by Paying

Gamertag is one of the essential things when it comes to getting social and impress other players with your unique name. However, many first time Xbox players aren’t aware of the importance and choose a name that they later want to change. In this tutorial, we will learn how you can change the Gamertag of Xbox Profile for Free or then again by paying. Here is what you should know first:

  • Changing Gamertag is free for the first time.
  • After this, You need to pay to change your gamer tag.
  • Any gamer tag used by you previously or anybody else cannot be reused unless the Xbox Team has released them.

Change Xbox Gamertag Free Paid

How to change Xbox Gamertag for Free or by Paying

Before we start, make sure the gamer profile you created on Xbox is connected to an Xbox Live or Microsoft account. When you do it for the first time, it will assign a random Gamertag. You might have selected or created one at the time.

  1. Change Xbox Gamertag for free on Xbox One
  2. Change Xbox Gamertag by paying on Xbox One
  3. Change Gamertag online for free or paid
  4. Change Gamertag on Xbox 360

Using the inline method is the easiest.

1] How to change Gamertag for free the first time :

  • On your Xbox, press the Xbox Guide button to open the Guide.
  • Then navigate to the extreme left until it selects your profile picture.
  • Select it, and then click on My Profile.
  • It will open a full-screen window where you can customize your Xbox Profile.
  • Click on Customize Profile, and then select the Gamertag box.
  • It will open in edit mode, and offer some suggestions.
  • If this is the first time you will have an immediate option to change the gamer tag, and you will be greeted by a message which says “Change Your Gamertag, Change it once for free.”
  • You have two options here, First, enter what you like or ask Xbox Live to suggest you something.
  • You will always get a warning when a gamer tag is already existing or cannot be used.
  • Before confirming, you get a warning saying, “This change is free, but any future changes will cost you.
  • Select Confirm change and your new Gamertag, the difference is reflected across Xbox

It mostly remains the same on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The menu options might differ a bit. Below is the screenshot of how the menu looks like on Xbox 360 for changing Gamertag.

2] How to change Gamertag by paying through Microsoft Account

The entire process remains the same, but if this is the second time you are changing your Gamertag, then you will need to pay.

Once you apply the name change, Xbox System will check you are eligible for free change. If not, it will prompt with the amount you need to pay. You can then make the payment via Microsoft account right through Xbox and change it.

3] How to change Xbox Gamertag online

  1. Sign in to account.xbox.com with the Microsoft account email address, It should be the same account you have used on your console or Windows 10 computer.
  2. It will offer a text box where you enter your new Gamertag or choose from the suggestions below.
  3. After you enter, click on the Check Availability button. If its available, click on Claim it.

If you are changing for the second time, you need to pay.

4] How to change Gamertag by paying on Xbox 360 using Microsoft Points

During the Xbox 360 days, Microsoft allowed one to change Gamertag using MSP points. One could buy the MSP points or earn it through various reward systems. In the end, you need to pay. Below is the method which I wrote years back for your reference.

  • It costs 800 Microsoft Points, so make sure you are ready to buy or have it in your account. If you do not have, you will need to have a payment option set with your profile to buy at the very moment.
  • Select Profile > Edit Profile > Gamer Tag
  • Enter a new Gamertag, and the system will make sure it is unique else, you will need to choose something different.
  • Once done, It will check for Microsoft Points in your account. If you have a sufficient point, you can pay to change the Gamertag right there.
  • The process is smooth, and you don’t have to do anything except paying.!!

How do your friends come to know about it?

It will take some time for your friends to see your new profile. For example, if you changed it a minute back, your friends will see the same old profile, but probably if you send a message, it will be updated instantly. So you don’t need to add them again or anything else.

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