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How to change purchase sign-in settings for the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Windows has many privacy and security options available; one such example is the case of Microsoft Store; Windows usually does not allow one to make paid purchases from the Microsoft Store without entering the password to tone down the risk of unwanted or unintentional clicks or purchases. However, if you download many applications and enter the password multiple times becomes annoying, one would like to change the purchase sign-in settings. This post will guide you on How to Change Purchase Sign-in Settings for the Microsoft Store.

How to Change Purchase Sign-in Settings for the Microsoft or Windows Store

While one might want to change the purchase sign-in settings on the Windows Store, Microsoft also offers users the ability to adjust whether they would like their kids to spend money on the store or not. Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. Change Purchase Sign-in Settings
  2. Allow Kids to Purchase from Microsoft Store without Access to Account

1] Change Purchase Sign-in Settings in Microsoft Store

Windows Store offers users a choice of whether to require a password for every purchase made or to proceed with the transaction without the password. By default, it has been set to requiring a password every time; however, in case you would like to change it, here’s how to do so:

  • Head over to the Microsoft Store, either from the Start Search Box or using the taskbar’s icon.
  • Find and choose the three-dotted icon placed at the top right corner and select Settings
  • Scroll down, navigate, and find Purchase Sign-in.
  • In case you would like the password to be asked every time, turn the toggle off, else turn it on to disable the password requirement.
  • However, note that this change will only apply to this particular computer and the in-app purchases.

2] Allow Kids to Make Purchases from Microsoft Store

In case you have set up a family account to manage your kid’s Microsoft purchases and more, one can limit them using a family group. Parents can add money to their child’s account so that they could only spend a limited sum of money while also changing options whether to require authentication before purchase or not.

Require Kids to Ask Before Making Purchases from Windows Store

  • Head over to family.microsoft.com and sign-in with an organizer’s Microsoft account.
  • Navigate and choose the family member’s name and select Spending.
  • Here, under Ask to buy, toggle Needs organizer approval to buy things to On.
  • Next, if you want to approve or deny their purchasing inquiries via email or on family.microsoft.com, toggle Email me when they get stuff to On.

Add Money to Kids Microsoft Account

  • Head over to your family group and login in with your Microsoft account.
  • Find and select your child’s name, then choose the option statting Add money.
  •  One will find various amounts to choose from. The Same option will also be available under Options > Spending > Microsoft account balance > Add money.
  • However, do note that Microsoft account balance and gift cards are non-transferable to another person or Microsoft account.

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With that said, Do you prefer keeping your purchases sign-in option turned on or off? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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