How to Change Theme, Wallpaper, and Lock Screen in Windows 11

It makes sense if you’ve just purchased a laptop or a new PC that you’d like to cater your laptop’s look and feel to you personally. Customizing and tweaking Windows to your heart’s content is its best feature. As a whole, Microsoft’s operating systems offer a decent range of customization options. You can customize the lock screen, choose a wallpaper, and choose a theme. A slideshow or background image can be set as the lock screen. Besides your calendar, alarms, and local weather, you can also check your email. This post will guide you on how to change the theme, wallpaper, and lock screen in Windows 11.

How to Change Theme, Wallpaper, and Lock Screen in Windows 11

How to Change Theme, Wallpaper, and Lock Screen in Windows 11

Follow these methods to personalize your PC

  1. Apply a New Theme
  2. Change the Desktop Background
  3. Customize the Lock screen

Make sure Windows is Active; else, you will not be able to change these settings.

1] How to Apply a New Theme in Windows 11

Windows’s themes allow you to customize different visual and audio aspects of the operating system. Here’s how you can apply a new theme in Windows 11.

Change Theme Windows 11

  1. On a PC running Windows 11, click on the Start menu and choose the cog icon to open up Settings (Win + I).
  2. Now, head over to the Personalization section from the left navigation pane.
  3. Here, scroll down and choose the sub-section for Themes.
  4. In the next window, you’ll be presented with many different theme options to choose from. Please select the one you prefer and make a single click to apply it.

You could also find a ton of different theme options in the Windows store. The option is available in the Get More Themes from the Store under Personalization > Themes. Click on Browse Themes, and it will display Windows Themes in the Store.

2] How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows 11

Microsoft ships a variety of different wallpapers packed with Windows 11. While you may choose any of the built-in options, you may also upload your custom desktop background. Here’s how you can change the desktop background in Windows 11.

Change Desktop Background Windows 11

  1. Open the Start Search Box by pressing the magnifying glass icon from the Taskbar, search for Background and choose the best match – Background Image Settings.
  2. This will take you to Settings > Personalization > Background.
  3. Look out for the Personalize your background subsection. You get three options with it, namely: Picture, Solid Color, and Slideshow.
  4. When set to picture, the background will display a still image that doesn’t change. Solid Color, on the other hand, gives users the option to choose a plain, simple single-colored background. Finally, using the Slideshow option, users can use several specified images which change after a particular interval.
  5. If you prefer to upload your own image, set Personalize your background to Picture, and click on the Browse Photos option present right next to Choose a Photo and select a photo from the gallery.

You can also choose how the image can fit on the desktop— Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center, or Span. We recommend you play around with these options and find the one that fits you the best.

3] How to Customize the Lock screen in Windows 11

The Lock screen in Windows 11 can be customized to showcase a single picture, or you can use a collection of images from one or more folders. Here’s how you can customize your lockscreen in Windows 11.

Customize Lock Screen Windows 11

  1. Press the Win + I keys on your keyboard to open Settings and navigate to Personalization > Lock Screen. Alternatively, search for the Lock screen in the Search box and choose the Best Match.
  2. Users get three options for the Lockscreen background: Windows Spotlight, Picture, or a Slideshow. The Windows Spotlight displays a picture randomly. The picture option allows you to upload and set a picture of your choice. The slideshow option displays a set of images that change at a regular interval.

With Windows 11, there’s an option to show the detailed status of an application on the lockscreen. However, it is limited to a single application of your choice. This menu can be accessed under Personalization > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Status.

Options are similar to Windows 10 Customization, but the menus are heavily customized in Windows 11.

Changing your theme, background, or lockscreen to suit your own preferences is quick and straightforward, and it’s convenient to change back. Try out and experiment with different themes, wallpapers, and colors until you find the perfect one. That said, how often do you change your desktop background? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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