How to Change Windows 10 Email Account

I am sure you are using a Microsoft account in your Windows 10 PC. While it makes it easy to sign to multiple devices if you ever wanted to change the Microsoft Email address of your Account, how do you go about it? Do you need to recreate another account? Well, that’s one option, but then it means losing everything associated with it. In this post, we will share how you can change the email address of the Windows 10 Microsoft account without losing anything in Windows 10.

Warning: Changing in this way (as instructed below) will change every device you log in with your Microsoft Account.

How to Change Windows 10 Email Account

  1. Go to on your PC and sign in to your Microsoft accountchange Windows 10 Email
  2. Click on your photo which will we be on the top right and select Account SettingsHow to Change Microsoft Email Address of Windows Account
  3. Click on Your info and select Manage your sign-in email or phone numberMS account alias
  4. Now, under Account Alias (as you can see in the photo), you can either add a new email id, add a unique phone number or delete your existing email id
  5. Here, we will just add a unique email id and will make it primary. So, click on Add new email.
  6. Now you can either create a new email id, right from that window, or add an existing one. I’m going with the first one. Add your email id and click on Add Alias.Create Alias of your Email Account
  7. After you follow the above step correctly, you will be prompted with a message saying: You’ve associated the alias [email protected] with your Microsoft account.”
  8. You can find your newly added email id right below your already existing one.
  9. Just click on Make primary. And now, your new email id will be your primary Microsoft account id, which you will be using to log into your Windows devices.Manage email accounts of Microsoft
  10. After it’s done successfully, you will get a mail to your old email id saying: “Your new Outlook alias is ready.”

change Windows 10 Email

Now, wait for about 48 hours for all the Microsoft servers to get the new info. The new email Primary will show up on your phone, PC, or any other device under Settings. To confirm the same go to Settings> Accounts> Your email and accounts, and you will find your new email id instead of the old one. Your unique email id will start to show everywhere as various Microsoft servers reflect the change. Make sure to import anything else you need from the old email account to the new email account (contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.).

After the changes have been reflected, use a PC browser and open to log into the new Primary Account. You now retain App ownership, phone backups, stored SMS text messages, etc. all under the new email address on the same old Microsoft Account. You can also delete the old email address by following the same steps as given above.


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