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How to Close Apps in Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Windows 10 comes with a tablet mode that is enabled by default on small Windows devices or tablets. This mode brings back the Windows 8.1 style usage with all features of Windows 10. Now the question is without the mouse and keyboard, how do you close the apps in Tablet Mode, specially when there is no X button. The answer is Swipe Down Gesture. This works both on Windows 10 Desktops and Tablets.

How to Close Apps in Tablet Mode

How to Close Apps in Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Windows 10 Desktop:

  • First open couple of apps in full-screen mode
  • Now drag your mouse to top until you see a pop-up menu which drops from top.
  • Now press left, hold and drag it down to close it.’

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You also have option to use the cross icon which appears only in Desktop version.

Windows 10 Tablets:

  • Open multiple apps
  • Now drag from top to bottom slowly, like you are trying to grab it.
  • Now drag it down to taskbar to close it.

Close Multiple Apps (Applicable to both Tablet and Desktop)

While we need to close all options here, you can use the Task Switcher app to close them one by one. Look for an icon that looks like rectangles over each other. It will be next to search bar. Tap on it. This will list the preview of all the running apps with a close icon on the top right. Tap on them to close one by one.

The tablet mode also hides the Taskbar, so if you are not comfortable with it, you can always enable it. That way you can still use the mouse to access Task Manager and other features.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to Close Apps in Windows 10 Tablet Mode using gesture mode. It applies to any touch device which is using the Tablet mode in Windows 10.

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