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How to Connect Offline Xbox Profile to Xbox Live

An offline Xbox Profile is created on your Xbox but is not connected to an Xbox Live account. It means all the Game Related Data, Scores, Badges remain on your Xbox and can only be seen there. If one day it so happens that you decide that you want to have an online presence and since many of your friends are already on Xbox Live, It will be cool to showcase what your profile has. So, learn how to connect offline Xbox Profile to Xbox Live.

Connect Offline Xbox Profile Xbox Live

How to Connect Offline Xbox Profile to Xbox Live

In brief, these are the steps that can turn your offline Xbox account into an online Xbox Live account.

  • Connect Xbox to the internet
  • Select a profile and choose to join Xbox Live
  • Add account and sign-in or create a new account.
  • You have a Live Xbox Profile.

Now, if you thought that you could not take all your offline data and connect it to an account, then you know it wrong. It is possible to turn your offline Xbox Profile into an Online Xbox Live account, but there is just a straightforward condition. We will get to that later, but first, see how you can connect.

Steps to connect offline Xbox profile

  1. Go to your gamer profile on your Xbox. You might have to sign in if you are not already using the Xbox controller.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  3. Press the Guide button to open the mini-guide.
  4. Navigate to the extreme left, where you can select the profile.
  5. Tap on Join Xbox Live
  6. Next, a new screen will greet you, and you will need to use an email address to finish it. Select Continue.
  7. Next, please type in your Name, Password, Date Of Birth, and Accept their policies.
  8. That’s it; Once everything is successful, you should get a Gamer Tag, which can be changed as this is the first time.
  9. So now, if you go to your profile in Xbox, You will see your Gamer Tag instead of the profile name, which was there before.

During Profile creation, where you enter an email address, you have two options. The first is to use a Microsoft account or create it right away. Make sure to use the Microsoft account, which you use on Windows 10 PC or one you use for all Microsoft related products.

Video for Xbox 360 (Steps are similar for Xbox One as well)

There is one place where this will fail. If the live account you are using already has a gamer tag associated with it. In case you get any error of this sort, then you have two options. First, either use another live account (best to create a new one). The second option is to change associated with the live account with that gamer tag.

Can you create an offline Xbox Profile on Xbox One?

While the option was available on Xbox 360, Microsoft has removed this option with Xbox One. I remember this was available at least two years ago, but now you cannot create an offline Xbox Profile any more, but if you have one on your console, you can connect them.

Many used to create an Xbox offline profile to play Xbox offline games. If you are looking for something similar, we would suggest you use the Xbox Guest account. You will not have to sign -in with your email or Microsoft account to play games.

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  1. Hi my name is winter and I’m trying connect my storage to the cloud but in order to do that I need to connect my offline hard drive account to an Xbox live account. So I tried to join Xbox live and it says that my email and/or password is invalid which is not true. I keep signing in over and over again but it won’t let me. My Hotmail account has never been connected to Xbox so this should be no problem. I’ve had this Xbox 360 account offline since I didn’t have WiFi for 2 years but now I do and I have the money to pay for my Xbox live. So how do I get through this?


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