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How to create a new Xbox Account on Xbox One (Gamer Profile)

To play games on Xbox One, you need to either create a new gamer profile aka Gamertag or sign-in using an existing one. Assuming you are new to Xbox One, here is how to create a new Gamer Profile or Xbox account on Xbox One.

Recover Xbox Gamertag

How to create a new Xbox Account on Xbox One (Gamer Profile)

While you can create a profile right on Xbox One, I would rather suggest to you to create it online. In the end its Xbox Live service is available for Windows 10 PC or anywhere Xbox Live works.

  1. Go to Xbox Live, and click on the Sin into your account option on top right.
  2. On the login screen, click on Create One link. You can create a new account using
    • An email id
    • Phone Number
    • Get a new email address
  3. During account creation, you will need to enter an email address, phone number, name, DOB and other details.
  4. Once done your Xbox Live account is ready.
  5. Next, Turn on Xbox One, and click on the Guide button
  6. Navigate to the extreme left unless you find an option which says “Sign-in”
  7. Here, you need to enter the email id you chose when creating the Xbox Live account.
  8. Enter your credentials, and you are done.

You should be able to view your Gamertag which you can change for free for the first time. We will also recommend you to upload a profile picture.

The same steps can be done on Xbox One as well. When you click on Add New, you have the option to signin with an old account or create new one. However, its cumbersome to type all the details. So instead choose this option.

How to create Xbox Gamertag or Profile on Xbox 360

A Gamer Profile is the first thing you need when you start using your Xbox either for the first time or want to add another player who wants to have his scores saved. Now if the person for whom you want to create a profile, already has a gamer profile or Gamertag which is connected online, I will suggest you read these tutorials :

  • Recover his gamer tag on your console  ( Internet Connection Required ) or
  • Suggest him to get his profile on a USB drive and just connect to play along with you.

If neither is the case, then let’s create a brand new Xbox Profile for him. Of course, you can always make it roaming and hand him his profile to a USB drive anytime.

  • Turn your console on and make sure none of the profile is signed in.
  • In case it is, you can either use Xbox Guide to Sign off using the X button or Use Switch accounts which shows when you select your profile.
  • Done that, Now you will see a list of all the profiles available on your Xbox console.
  • At the end of the list, you will get the option screen to create a new profile, of which next is Recover Gamer Tag.
  • Select Create Profile > Enter a name > Select an Avatar.
  • Once done you will get the option to customize your Avatar.
  • Once done save and exit.

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