How to Create Local Administrator Account in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a Store, which is the reason it wants every account created to be associated with a Microsoft Account ( ultimately an email id) so the consumer can take advantage of it.  Now it is possible that you would need a local administrator account, and here is how you can create it. Microsoft has it, just that it’s not straight forward.

How to Create Local Administrator Account in Windows 10

  1. Open Add user account
  2. Choose to add Someone else to this PC
  3. Add without email, phone number and Microsoft account
  4. Create a local account and convert to an admin account

1] Type “Add User” in your Start Search bar. It will show the option “Add, Create users.” Click it.

Add user menu in Windows 10

2] This will open the new User Settings, unlike what you have seen in Windows 7. Windows 10 lets you add family to your PS using the email id, but let’s skip that.

3] Right at the end of that page, you have the option “Add Someone Else to this PC” under Other Users.

Add Someone Else to Windows 10 PC

4] Click and it will open another window and will still ask you for email id or a phone number.

5] In the same screen, you will have a link which says “The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address.” Click it.

No Email Address New User Account Windows 10

6] Next it will yet again ask you for email id. Look below, and look for an option which says “Add a user without Microsoft Account.” Click on it.

Add User Windows Microsoft Account

7] This is precisely where we wanted to reach. Next window is straightforward. Choose a name, password and your local account is ready. The next step is to make it an admin account.

New Local Account Windows 10

8] The next step is to convert this local account into the Admin Account. It can be done via the old method way. In case you have your account as Admin Account, you can use the local admin account, so you don’t need to share your password or PIN every time the OS prompts for the elevated privilege.

  • Go to User Settings (classic)
  • Now select Manage user account.
  • Select the local account you just created, and switch the profile to Administrator.

I would have loved if Microsoft has a straight forward option to create a local administrator account in Windows 10. However, its not there, and till then, this is your best option.

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