How to Create, Move, Delete & Access Pins on Xbox One

Pining Apps to Start Screen is in the DNA of Windows Now. Any Windows Device you use, lets you pin something to start screen, and the same is now possible with Xbox One which essentially runs on Windows 10. Once you have the most commonly used Apps, and Games pinned to start screen, you will save a lot of time which you would have otherwise wasted to dig them out every time.

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How to create a pin

  • Press RT (right trigger) on your controller, and it will directly take you to your pins on the home screen. If this is the first time you are doing it, you will see My Games and Apps Tiles there.
  • Open it, and then navigate to one of the Apps or Games you want to pin. Don’t open, just hover over it.
  • Once you are over the app or game you want to pin, press the menu button on the controller ( equivalent of right-click) , and a pop up shows up with option to PIN. Pin it.
  • Next time you are on home screen, just press RT, and you will directly come down to Pinned Apps and games.

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How to Manage your Pins

If you want to remove any of the pins or change order here is how you can do. First hover over one of the pins, and once highlighted, press the menu button on the controller, and a pop-up should show up. You have two major options here. First lets you Move, and second lets you unpin-it.

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While the later is obvious, for moving a Pin, you can use the navigation buttons on the controller to put it where you want it to be.  It will be highlighted with a white border. You will need to do this many a times, because when you create a new PIN, it appears next to My Apps and Games, pushing all the tiles down.

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