How to Directly Install Apps on SD Card in Windows 10 Mobile

Similar to its predecessor, Windows 10 Mobile lets you install apps on micros Card which you set as default location or you can move it to microSD card later. This is an important feature as the games and apps size are increasing, and most of the low-end Windows 10 Mobile devices will have  only 3.5 to 4GB of free space of 8 GB of internal storage.

What class of microSD Card you should use?

Any class 10 card with great read and write speed will do that job. It can be from any of the vendors, but make sure its high-speed. This will make sure  two things. One, when the apps are installed or moved they are don’t quickly. Second, when you use heavy apps and games, it makes sure you get the expected performance.

Install Apps Directly to SD Card:

When you setup a new Windows 10 Mobile devices with SD card, the OS detects it and asks if you would like to make SD card as default location for  apps, pictures, downloads, music and video. If you say yes, the default will be set right then. If you skipped this option because you were not sure what it means, follow the steps below:

  • Swipe to left and open the app list. Look for Storage App and launch it.
  • Here you will have two listings. Phone and SD with details on free space and used space.
  • Swipe down, and you will have options which says “Store new apps on my”. If its Phone, change it to SD card.

Set SD Card as Default Location for Apps

Next time  you install a new app, it will be installed directly to SD card. Good part is that app updates don’t need you to have free space on free storage. If you have enough space on your SD card, it will update them accordingly.

Move Apps to SD Card / Uninstall Multiple Apps

So how do you move existing apps or apps which are on Phone store to SD card?  In the storage app, where you saw the listings for Phone and SD, tap on Phone. This will give you more details on what is occupying your space. Select Apps and games from here.

  • Now to move the app, hit multi-select icon from the menu bar. This will bring check box against each of the apps listed.
  • Here you have two kind of apps. Those which cannot be moved and will be grayed out, and those which can be moved and you will be able to select them.

Move and Uninstall Multiple Apps to SD Card

  • As soon as you make the selection, the menu bar option will change.  You will have two buttons there. One which will ask you to uninstall it, and second which will ask you move it.
  • Use Move to move apps to SD card.

How to Move Apps & Games to SD Card in Windows 10 Mobile

This process takes a bit of time, & depends on speed your microSD card. Be patient, and soon you will see the apps moving.  If you are still wondering why some apps are grayed out, then is purely a developer choice. If the developer feel that performance will be a problem on SD card, he can restrict. WhatsApp is a classic example of this.

Formatting & Removing SD Card:

If you think your card is not working well, and is responding slow, Windows 10 Mobile comes with two options that you should use.

  • Format : This will remove all the data, apps and app data from the card. Make sure to move your apps back to phone storage before you hit this.
  • Remove: If you have an SD card slot which is easily accessible and does not need you to remove battery, always use this option before taking out the SD card. This makes sure any operation on SD card is ceased.
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