How to Download Printer Drivers on Windows 11/10

While Windows can automatically detect and install the Printer’s drivers easily, there are certain instances where one needs to install the printer driver manually. An update may cause some issues with the driver, or it may happen that a service isn’t working with a driver or pulling down the incorrect package. Among all such problems, manually downloading the driver may help. In this post, I will guide you on how to download Printer drivers on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Download Printer Drivers on Windows

How to Check Whether Printer’s Drivers are Installed or Not?

Wondering how you could check whether the Printer’s drivers are installed or not? Here’s a simple way to check:

  • Open the Settings (Win + I) application in Windows 11/10
  • Navigate and select the Devices menu.
  • Head over to the Printers and scanners Menu. Here is you can find the name of your Printer, then the drivers are installed.

If you weren’t able to find the name of your Printer, follow one of the methods down below to get it working.

How to Download Printer Drivers on Windows 11/10

There are undoubtedly many methods that could be followed to download the printer’s drivers.

  1. Windows Update
  2. Remove and Add Printer
  3. Use the CD or USB with the Printer
  4. Download Drivers from Manufacturer Website

1] Download from Windows Update

Download Printer Driver Windows

Manufacturers often push out updates for the Printer’s drivers via the Windows Update, so it is a good idea to check for updates regularly. Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings application in Windows
  • Navigate and select the Update and Security (Windows 10) menu or Windows Update (Windows 11)
  • In Windows 11, go to Advanced Options > Optional Update. In Windows 10, click on the View Options updates available under the update button.
  • Under Driver Updates, a list of driver updates will be available if rolled out by the OEM.
  • If there are any available updates, You can start downloading them and then install them.

Install Driver Updates Windows

2] Remove and Add the Printer

Remove Printer from Windows

Ideally, to get the Printer drivers back and working, which may have been corrupted due to an update, unplugging the Printer from the PC and removing its drivers, then installing it again, could work. Here’s how:

  • Open the Settings application in Windows 11/10
  • Navigate and select the Devices (Windows 10)  or Bluetooth & devices (Windows 11)
  • Head over to the Printer’s and Scanner’s menu and choose your Printer.
  • Click on it and select the Remove button.
  • Now plug back your Printer into the machine, and Windows would automatically install the drivers.

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3] Use the CD or USB with the Printer

Most of the manufacturers provide a CD with which one can manually install the Printer drivers on their PCs. If you have one, plug it into the PC, select the AutoRun option, and continue as the application says you to.

4] Download Drivers from Manufacturer’s Website

Download Printer Driver from OEM website

If you don’t have a CD Reader on your PC or a laptop, you can always download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. While there are many manufacturers out there, and their websites may differ, here’s an example from HP’s website to help you on how you could get it from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Head over to Google and search for “(Brand Name) support,” for example, HP support.
  • Under the first listed result, you’ll find an option for Software and Drivers.
  • Here, on the homepage, please select the category of your device, which in our case would be a Printer.
  • Now enter your printer’s model number here and click on continue.
  • On the next page, you’ll find a list of all the drivers and downloads for your particular model of Printer. Select the driver pack and click on Download.
  • Once downloaded, install it as a general application.

I hope the post was helpful, and you were able to download and install the Printer’s drivers on Windows 11/10. With that said, How often do you install the drivers?

1] What Are the Sites for Downloading Windows Drivers?

If you’re looking to download the printer drivers for your computer, the first website you should check out should always be the manufacturer’s one. Let’s say you have an HP Printer, so you should head over to HP’s website and look for the required driver. You could, later on, try out other tools such as IObit and more.

2] Will Windows Automatically Install Printer Drivers?

Yes, suppose you remove the pre-installed drivers from your computer or connect a new printer to your device. In that case, Windows will attempt to install the latest version of the drivers automatically.

3] How Do I Find My Printer Driver Version?

To find your installed printer driver version, head over to Device Manager > Printers > choose the Printer, right-click and select Properties. Now, head over to the Driver tab to view the details.

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